Can you play Redfall single player? Answered

Take on the vampires alone.

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Redfall is another dark and mystical first-person shooter from Arkane that will now have you taking on an army of vampires. While the situation kind of sucks, we are excited to hop into the game with a friend or two and work together as fight these enemies back. However, there are people who would much rather enjoy their games on their own as much as possible. With this in mind, can you play Redfall single player?

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Can you play Redfall solo?

Luckily for anyone who prefers to play games on their own, Redfall can be entirely enjoyed on your own. According to Arkane Austin Studio Director Harvey Smith, the development team has put tons of work into making sure that Redfall is just as enjoyable in single player as it is cooperative. You can completely go at your own pace and do whatever you want in its open world.

Arkane has a history of giving their players solo experiences that are great to play on their own, like with Dishonored and Prey, so rightfully, many returning fans were skeptical when they saw the emphasis on cooperative multiplayer in Redfall. Smith says the aim is for the game to feel like a single-player action-adventure game at every turn, even when playing with friends.

Unlike linear cooperative shooters like Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood, there are elements of stealth in Redfall. Of course, it is not as prevalent as in Dishonored, but it is a tool to be used to help you get access to certain areas of the map with less danger. There are times you will feel you are playing a completely different game when comboing abilities with teammates, but if you want that traditional solo Arkane experience, you can find it here.