Can you play Riders Republic offline?

Is Riders Republic online only?

Image via Ubisoft

Riders Republic is a vibrant and chaotic multi-sports game, much in the same vein as Ubisoft’s previously released Steep. It offers a huge open-world for players to explore that’s full of secret gear and hidden challenges and has some truly original multiplayer options. Mass Races, for example, have over 60 players competing in a single race at the same time. When you’re exploring the game’s map by yourself, you’ll even come across other players goofing off in the world with who you can group up.

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All of this makes for a fun time if you’re into multiplayer, but what if you want to have a single-player experience or your internet happens to go out? Is Riders Republic strictly an online game, or can you still enjoy Riders Republic when offline? The answer is a bit complicated.

Riders Republic can technically be played offline. However, because the social interaction between players is such a focus of the game, you won’t be able to actually progress in Rider Republic offline. Instead, Riders Republic offers an optional Zen Mode.

Zen Mode is part sandbox and part testing ground. It allows players to discover the world of Riders Republic and fast travel to anywhere on the map through the use of Helicopter Drops. The downside to this is that events are disabled and you can’t actually progress through the game. You’ll be able to get familiar with all the environments and play all sports, regardless of if you’ve unlocked them, but that’s the full extent of your options. To really enjoy everything offered by Riders Republic, you’ll have to play online.