Is Riders Republic cross platform/crossplay?

Do we need to pump the brakes?

Image via Ubisoft

Riders Republic is a multiplayer-focused racing game that combines snowboarding, biking, skiing, and even hand gliding in one total package. With so much on offer, you can hang out with your friends in a variety of locales and areas around the game’s world. However, can you play with a mate on the PlayStation 5 if you are snowboarding on the Xbox One? Ubisoft has answered that question for us.

The French publisher has made the righteous decision to include crossplay and cross progression from day one. You can play with friends between all available systems, including the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia. This multiplayer functionality will likely be enabled through your Ubisoft account. Mixing the pool of available players will help Riders Republic’s player base for years to come. We wish Borderlands 3 was given this opportunity too on PlayStation systems.

Your save progress will also transfer to whatever system you would like, so you can keep playing no matter where you are as you level up and unlock new costumes along the way. You’ll also want to try out Riders Republic’s suite of multiplayer modes like a 6v6 PvP arena and Online Cups.

Riders Republic will be releasing on physical and digital store shelves on October 28.