Can you play Signalis on Steam Deck? Answered

Can you bring the horror on the go with a Steam Deck?

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Signalis is an amazing horror experience that doesn’t let up on the scares. While it is great to play when you have a great desktop and sound system, you might sometimes want to bring Signalis on the go. The game is available on a variety of platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, but you may not have one. PC players aren’t out of options, as the Steam Deck lets you bring your Steam library on the go.

Not all games are compatible with the Steam Deck, and even those that are compatible may not run well. But with Signalis being the focus, can it be played on the Steam Deck?

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Is Signalis compatible with the Steam Deck?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Signalis is compatible with the Steam Deck, and you won’t run into any significant problems. Some players have reported that there have been performance issues, though you can tinker with the settings to get smooth performance.

If you’re not interested in taking a chance with configuring settings, you might be better off playing the game on your desktop or laptop, since you won’t have a high chance of running into the same performance issues. It’s also easier to get the proper atmosphere going when you aren’t moving about, and playing on the go can make you jump when you are frightened.

The story will involve the main character, Elster, walking through several dimly-lit hallways and encountering enemies who scream at her. If you are going to use the Steam Deck, it may be wise to turn down the volume or go without it, as the screams can be loud enough to startle anyone who is in earshot. If you are planning an activity where you are bringing it to a friend’s house, it may be better than lugging your entire gaming machine over.

If you don’t have a better device, the Steam Deck is a great way to bring Signalis on the go. That said, the horror experience is great when you are by yourself and not in a public setting. Tinkering with the settings may improve the performance, but it’s much easier to get a better experience playing it on a dedicated gaming machine.