How to get Airlock Key in Signalis

To escape Penrose ship you’ll need to find the key.

Screenshot via Gamepur

Signalis is a horror-survival game filled with mind-blowing puzzles. With intense gameplay that will keep you thinking for hours, sometimes you will hit a wall and not be able to progress. One such objective which is tricky to do and stops you from getting ahead in the game is to find the Airlock Key. It’s one of the very first objectives in the game, and you will not progress without it. To help you quickly get through it, here is how you can find the Airlock Key to escape Penrose ship.

How to find Airlock Key in Signalis

To get the Airlock Key, you must solve various puzzles and find some items. Below are all the steps you need to take to find the Airlock Key to get out of Penrose ship.

Step 1: Get the picture from the aircraft

Screenshot by Gamepur

When the game starts, walk straight and climb up the stairs of the next room. When you are at the top, head to the back room, and keep going in the next room until you reach the aircraft’s handling area. Here look for the picture attached on the left side. Click on it and take it from there.

Step 2: Get the broken Airlock Key

Now head from there and keep going straight, even from the room you climbed in. In the end, you will reach the cryogenic chamber room, and on the left side of the main vessel, click on the panel. You need to light the panel as shown above. Once you do that, you will get the option to open the main vessel. From inside, take the broken Airlock key.

Step 3: Fix the Airlock Key and escape

Head back to the room you came up from and head inside the room on the right side. In there, interact with the terminal in the front and pick up the Duck Tape. Now go to your inventory and combine Duck Tape and Airlock Key to fix it.

Afterward, head to the room on the left side of the hall at the back of the main stairs. Here you will find another panel where you need to use the Airlock Key. After you use it, a cut scene will appear, and you will escape from Penrose ship.