Can You Play Star Citizen on PS5?

Star Citizen is one of the best spacefaring simulation games in history, but it seems like it might be stuck on PC.


Image via Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen is one of the most impressive space simulation games ever. Players can purchase a starship and do whatever they want, be it exploring, trading, building a community, or acting like a dirty pirate. However, it looks like the game could be trapped on PC.

Many fans of Cloud Imperium Games’ sprawling realistic universe enjoy it on PC, but others don’t have rigs capable of running it. That’s why they want to know if it’s possible to play Star Citizen on PS5 or even Xbox Series X/S. This guide explains if it’s possible and the developer’s reasoning.

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Is it Possible to Play Star Citizen on PS5

Image via Cloud Imperium Games

No, there’s currently no way to play Star Citizen on PS5. In fact, there’s no way to play the game anywhere else but PC. This is because the developer, Cloud Imperium Games, is still working on adding content to the title, optimizing it with every update. The game is far from finished, and apart from the monumental effort required to create console ports, it would be unwise to bring the game to consoles while it’s still technically in an alpha state.

Every time the game receives a new update, it becomes catastrophically unstable. Players expect at least a few weeks of rough gameplay and stuttering, even in easy-to-load areas, in Star Citizen each time it gets an update. This is also well-documented by content creators that enjoy the game, and while it’s accepted on PC, it wouldn’t be on consoles.

The issues update to the game cause might be reasonable for an alpha product on PC, but on PS5, they could crash the console. Sony is quite selective about the early access games it allows on its devices, and instability around updates would be a big warning flag for the company.

Once Star Citizen leaves its alpha development state, the developer might look at releasing it for PS5. This would take a long time, though, because the game would need to be optimized for specific hardware, and the developer would have to refine every update and extend the time between them to ensure stability issues don’t crop up on the console version. Given the amount of money the game has raised in this alpha stage, it may one day be released on PS5.