Can you save someone who died in The Quarry? Answered

Is there a rewind button?

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The main goal of The Quarry is to get everyone out alive — or the opposite, if you’re going for the worst case scenario. Even if you are trying to keep everyone breathing, you’re still likely to make a mistake here and there. So what do you do if your favorite character dies? The good news is that death isn’t necessarily definitive in this game.

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Can you rewind a death in The Quarry?

Yes, you can rewind a death, as long as you enable the setting. Open up the accessibility tab on the pause menu, and you’ll have the choice to enable death rewinds. Once that’s activated, you’ll have a safety net in case you make a bad choice or mess up an action sequence that gets someone killed. When the character in question dies, the game will pause and ask if you want to rewind and try again. Choose yes, and your save will revert to the moment when you made the mistake.

There are two caveats with this. First, you have three lives per save file. If you spend all three of them, then all deaths from that point on will be irreversible. The second thing to note is that you’ll only be prompted to rewind if one of the nine counselors dies. For the sake of unlocking achievements/trophies for either saving everyone or killing them all off, only Laura, Max, Jacob, Emma, Abi, Nick, Dylan, Ryan, and Kaitlyn count. Killing a member of the Hackett family has no bearing on your overall result.

Can you replay chapters in The Quarry?

If you use all three lives, there is a way of salvaging your playthrough by replaying chapters, but this has caveats of its own. First, you’ll need to fully finish the game — chapter select is only available on a completed save file. Also note that going back to an earlier save overwrites your progress from that point forward. This is a technical necessity due to all the branching story points in the game.