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Can you save the dog in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me?

Who's a good doggie?

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me has five playable characters, but none of them are actually the most important to what’s going on on Du’Met’s murder island. That distinction goes to Connie, a dog who has found itself left on the island after Du’Met presumably murdered its parents. If you’re going to save anybody, it should definitely be Connie, so we’ve put together the steps you need to take to keep Connie alive and biting weird murderers. Of course, there will be spoilers below, so stay away if you want to go in completely blind.

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How to save the dog in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

You won’t need to worry about Connie, the dog, until you’re almost at the end of the tale. The first place you can find Connie will be in Mark’s version of Cliffside. If Charlie is still alive, you won’t run into Connie here, so it’s possible you might miss this one. Assuming Charlie is dead, you want to make sure you don’t throw a rock at Connie as Mark. This will also get you the achievement “Can you can pet the dog?”

If Charlie is alive and you don’t meet Connie at Cliffside, you’ll next meet him during Homestead. Here, you’ll pull Connie into a back room to try and hide your character and the dog from Du’Met. Whatever you do, don’t use the broken bottle to slit Connie’s throat; we’re trying to keep him alive, after all.

With that done, you’ve saved Connie. He will hop onto the boat with you in the final scene (assuming you don’t get the ending that comes when only Mark and Kate are alive) and jumps into the water without you needing to do anything. You’ll be able to see him happily enjoying all the new friends he made on the island (or him whining that they all died) in the final scenes.

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