How to make everyone survive in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

Leave no one behind.

Image via Bandai Namco

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me keeps alive the mechanic of giving you the opportunity to kill off all of your characters. Of course, most players are going to want to keep everyone alive to get the best ending. We’ve collected all the steps you need to take to do just that. Keep in mind that there will be heavy spoilers below.

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How to keep Mark alive

We’re starting with Mark because you’ll quickly notice that he won’t be mentioned much below. This is because, if you follow our steps, you won’t need to worry about Mark being in any danger until the last scene. Don’t be concerned that you’re not seeing your favorite cameraman below.

How to keep Erin alive in Blackout

The first chance for Erin to die comes in Blackout. She’ll be locked in a dark room by herself. The dust starts to cause her asthma to act up, and the killer will enter the room and offer her an inhaler. You need to take the inhaler from him and use it to keep Erin alive. If you try to fight him off, she’ll die. It might sound strange, but you actually want the killer’s help here.

How to keep Charlie alive in Ignition

During Ignition, Charlie finds himself in an incinerator. That’s never a good place to be, especially when a mannequin lights a lighter and puts the whole thing ablaze. To stay alive, you need to lift the grate and hide under it. Charlie might look like he’s in a lot of pain, but he’ll survive.

How to keep Erin alive in Silver Ash

As you’re exploring the Silver Ash Institute, Jaime will call you a microphone. She will tell you to run and hide. Listen to her advice and hide in the closest to keep Erin from meeting a gnarly death.

How to keep Erin and Kate alive in Breathless

Next up is Breathless. During this chapter, Erin and Kate will be trapped in separate rooms, and the killer will start to suck all of the oxygen out of the room. Thankfully, choosing to sacrifice Kate actually keeps them both alive, so this is what we’d call a win-win.

How to keep Charlie alive in Waste Disposal

As you work your way through this chapter, Charlie will eventually end up in a room with a giant trash compactor. The killer then enters the room and, if you try to hide, will start up the trash compactor. You’ll then need to complete several “hold your breath” QTE checks. Complete these, and Charlie will make it out no worse for wear.

How to keep Kate and Jaime alive in Director’s Suite

When the ladies are planning to trap Du’Met, you’ll be given the choice to give Jaime’s screwdriver to either Kate or Jaime. It doesn’t really matter who you choose, but if you want to keep both alive, remember your choice. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll just give it to Kate. Then, when the pressurized wall starts to close on Jaime, either choose not to press the switch and let Jaime die or flip the wall, and Kate will use the screwdriver and the wall’s pressure to break the glass and keep both of them safe.

How to keep Jaime alive in Chase

In this scene, you’ll actually be controlling Kate. You need to pass all the QTEs that come during this chase, which will eventually lead to Du’Met catching Jaime. You’ll then be given a choice between helping Jaime or running away. Make sure you go back to save Jaime, or she will be unfortunately impaled.

How to keep Charlie alive in Cliffside

If Charlie is still alive by the time you make it to the Curing Facility, you’ll need to protect him from a gruesome end. Once Charlie and Mark get into the freezers to hide from the killer, you’ll need to complete several “hold your breath” QTE checks. Doing so will keep Charlie around, but make sure you don’t fail the balancing act later in the chapter.

How to keep Jaime alive in Homestead

During Homestead, you’ll enter a farmhouse where a dog named Connie is hiding. Du’Met will then appear, and Jaime will drag Connie off to hide in a side room. If Kate is still alive, you need to tell her to hide. Then, when Connie starts to bark, don’t kill the dog. Du’Met will enter the room, and Kate will pop out of hiding, startling Du’Met and giving Connie the opening to bite him, saving everyone. You could also kill the dog, but you’re not a monster, right?

How to keep Charlie alive in Lighthouse

If Erin is still alive, she will accuse Charlie of setting the crew up before they get into the lighthouse. As Mark, you need to doubt her and let Charlie come with you inside. If you hunt around, you’ll discover that everything Erin heard wasn’t true, vindicating Charlie in the process.

How to keep everyone alive during Lake

Now for the grand finale. In this scene, everyone will have either a QTE or a choice to make that decides their final fate. Essentially, you need to either successfully complete each QTE or have a character jump off of the boat. The only small alteration to that is that you want to keep Kate on the boat so she can help Mark deal with the killer. If done properly, everyone, including Connie, the dog, should make it to the beach safe and sound, giving an achievement and the satisfaction of a job well done.