Can you smoke weed on Twitch? Answered

What you need to know about smoking weed while on Twitch.

Image via Twitch

For some, smoking is an activity they need to do to relieve stress and relax. Smoking weed is a regular activity for some to do at the end of the day when they want to relax and unwind from everything. However, some may mix smoking weed and playing video games and want to stream their time playing the game on Twitch. Can you smoke while live streaming on Twitch?

Smoking Weed on Twitch

At the time of this writing, all live streamers have the option to smoke weed or use their vape while live streaming on Twitch. However, you cannot smoke weed if it is illegal in your state.

Although these activities are not against Twitch’s Community Guidelines, the service does discourage a streamer from actively doing it while playing games. A good way to be respectful of this is to take a break from streaming to do this offscreen or turn off your personal video footage to showcase the game you’re playing.

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We do not know if Twitch’s Community Guidelines will change in the future. Given the negative healthcare concerns and long-term effects of smoking, a Guideline change could be to discourage any form of smoking on the platform. However, for the time being, this is not the case, and users can freely do this as much as they like.

For those who want to remain aware of any upcoming changes to Twitch’s Community Guidelines, we recommend checking out the platform’s Twitter page for any potential updates. You can also check out the Community Guideline page to refresh yourself on everything that is acceptable and not acceptable, to do while streaming on Twitch.