Can you vape on Twitch? Answered

An activity many streamers might do in their free time.

Image via Twitch

You need to follow multiple rules and regulations whenever streaming on Twitch. If you do not follow these regulations, you could wake up to find your account banned from streaming on this service, preventing you from making more video content in the future. A big question some streamers ask is if they can vape while live-streaming on Twitch.

Vaping on Twitch

At the time of this writing, vaping and smoking while live-streaming on Twitch is not against the terms of services. However, this might be changed in the future, and whenever this change does happen, all Twitch streamers will need to follow the rules to respect these changes. All viewers will receive an update on Twitch’s Community Guidelines if this change ever happens, and there will likely be a grace period as they shift into this rule.

Although the action will not get your account banned, smoking or vaping while streaming on Twitch is likely not bring a positive light to your channel when it comes to sponsors. Not many sponsors may want to associate themselves with an individual who actively vapes while on stream, especially given the many health concerns with the activity. We do not recommend this activity, and those who choose to do so should learn about the many health concerns and potential issues that long-lasting smoking of any kind can lead to.

This rule may change on Twitch, and we recommend you actively read through the Twitch updates on the service’s guidelines that release on their Twitter page. You can also visit the Twitch Community Guidelines page to learn more about what is and is not allowed on the service.