Can You Soft Reset Pokemon Sword and Shield?


Soft resetting has been a mechanic used by people who play the Pokemon series for some time. By holding a specific combination of buttons, they soft reset the game, which causes fresh spawns, allowing them to hunt for Shiny Pokemon, certain IVs, or distinct Natures that they want. The advantage is that it’s quicker than a hardware reset, so it cuts down on time spent hunting for particular things.

Can You Soft Reset Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Unfortunately, you cannot soft reset in Pokemon Sword and Shield. To restart the game, you will have to do it the usual way. Hit the home screen button on the Switch, then hold X to bring up the menu screen, then select Close. When it has closed down, hit A to restart it. The good news is that the game has a reasonably speedy loading time on the Switch.

While we appreciate this is bad news for some of the most dedicated Trainers out there, the simple truth is that it is not a function the majority of Sword and Shield players would ever need to take advantage of.

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