Rescue Chris – Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough Chapter 10 & 11


In Chapter 9: Activating the Wormhole Digger at Singularity, after this, AI Virgil tells that the energy obtained is not enough. The AI will tell you to find survivors and explore new area till it analyzes Gruen’s data. In Chapter 10 Virgil will give you a location of radio transmission you have to investigate and find the survivor. After bringing him back to base, Virgil will give you a location of Memory board that is located somewhere in the ruins.

Chapter 10 & 11 Walkthrough - Metal Gear Survive

Head for the source of radio transmission Walkthrough

explore-new-region watcher

On the map point towards the blue marker at the south of the base, it is a Minable Moving Singularity. When you try to reach near the place, you will get a call from Reeve. He will tell about the stress call. You will have to investigate the Radio Transmission. Look at the map and a bit further you will spot the yellow circle where you have to investigate the source of transmission. In your path you will also face Watcher, a flying bot type creature, you can ill them and harvest Kuban Energy. Try to stay away from the laser range. Once you reach the location you will find a survivor and an in-active wormhole transporter. Carry him and go towards the transporter.

Rescue Castaway Chris Walkthrough

Drop in safely somewhere inside the room on the left of transporter so he won’t be attacked and killed by the Wanderer’s. Before you activate the transporter, try blocking up the paths around the transporter. Next, activate it and defend it for 1.48 minutes. Stay near it till the wave is over. Once done pick the survivor and take the survivor back to the base camp.

That’s it, it is a short chapter where after bringing the survivor who is a small kid to the Base Camp it is over. After this AI Virgil will tell you about a memory board location, you have to secure that. Start analyzing your inventory and health status first.

Secure the memory board Walkthrough

Once the conversation is over and the boy Chris is saved, AI Virgil will give you a memory board location. Before you proceed to the marker, you can go through the base settings first. Building your base, adding required facilities and food resources is also important. You can setup Water Tank, Shelter, Rain Water Purification Tank, Rainwater Tank, etc anything you find important on the basis of your current necessity. In this way, you won’t have a hunt for food and water at distant locations. Under Heavy Weapons (Weapons Workbench)you can get a Sledgehammer that can help you to break a lot of objects easily. It is heavy and it will affect your mobility. Your attacks with powerful but slow with it. You can kill a Wanderer with one blow. Below is the recipe.

  • 5x Steel
  • 10x Plastic
  • 10x Iron
  • 5x Screws
  • 200 KUB

Through Food Mutualization Center if you had added any, have a look at shared resources. This will help your crew members to survive at the base camp. Look through the Gadget Workbench also to get some useful items like Mine, Flashlight, Binoculars, Med Sprays, etc. Get some defensive units in your inventory. To know more about the base go through Base Camp Information by interacting with AI Vigil > Base Camp Status. Depending on what is required you can carry out upgrade base with new facilities. Once you are done, head towards the Memory Board location. Look for the nearest Wormhole Transporter. Place the marker and follow it. In the valley on your path you might also find a Brown Bear, it has a huge health bar, so if you want to attack then go smartly. Try to dodge the bear attacks. By killing the animal you can get 1x Brown Bear Meat, 1x Brown Bear Paw and 1x Animal Leather.

walker-gear-1 walker-gear-2

One the blue circle on the map is Walker Gear. If possible you can activate it once. The place where you find the gear you can also look for a container just move towards the blue light. In the same area, you will find a Walker Gear just on the right side of the container, this device can help you to move faster and also attack the enemy with powerful weaponry. If you want to skip this you can head to the yellow marker. Once you reach the location, look around for containers first, blue lights are the best hint to find them. There are ample of them in this location. Next, you will have to fight with a horde of wanderer’s before locating the memory board.


While moving ahead you will also come across a Wormhole Transporter. You can activate it first before getting the memory board. Once activated you will have to defend it for 1.29 seconds. Later mark the memory board location on the map and reach the location. You will reach ruins. Explore the area. You will get one more objective to get wheelchair parts. As you enter the ruins, walk straight and Reeve will tell you about the wheelchair part. Keep moving inside and on your right, there is a Wanderer on the ground.

You have to turn right after killing it, the room in front has some items gather it. There will be two more on your left gather items from them also, the last one has Container box that will give you a recipe for AM D114, Strengthened Molotov Cocktail, and 45 Caliber standard rounds. After going through that room go right and on left you can see a fallen roof cross that and keep walking ahead. On right there will be few Wanderers. After killing them walk from the right, the path will turn left and then another left. Cross a door. Before crossing that on your right ground you will find the part (Broken Wheelchair) for Wheelchair.


Cross the door and jump down and walk ahead, once again go down from left and you will have to fight with a few crawlers. An Axe is a good weapon against them. In this room look on the right top, climb up to reach the memory board. Access the board and return to the base. To exit the ruins you have to take the same path from where you entered, you can use the boxes around to climb up, to reach the broken roof and exit the place.

This ends the chapter, and Chris is happy with the wheelchair. In the conversation, you will hear of Exploration team. This will be the part of Chapter 12 Exploration Team. For more info and updates on the game, you can also go through our Metal Gear Survive Wiki guide.