Chapter 5: Room with a View – Batman Telltale Episode 1 Ending Walkthrough

After Solving the Crime Scene in Chapter 4, Bruce head back to his Mansion to see the updated Codex and the data inside the decrypted file. Bruce will need to choose between Gordon or Vicki to trust with Falcone’s File and let’s end the Falcone’s chapter once and for all. So without any further ado, let’s begin with our fifth walkthrough of the Batman Telltale series.

Chapter 5: Room with a View

Chapter 5: Room with a View

Back at the BatCave, you and Alfred are having a chat on Batman’s behavior with the Guard. You can respond to him with your choice as he will make a remember your choice. At the end of the conversation, Alfred will show Bruce the right path and give you the tickets to remember why you started it.

Egg Hatched

After the Data Encryption is over, look at the Bat Computer to know the data was all about Falcone’s criminal organization Mayor Hill was hiding. With this proof, Bruce can finally knock out Falcone’s organization so you need to handle this evidence to the trusted one and you have two Choices: Gordon or Vicki.

Meeting Gordon

We decided to go with Lieutenant Gordon as he can mobilize the entire police force against Falcone. Also, Ms. Vale is a bit new to the to connection and trust. First, let hand over the evidence to Gordon then take control of Batman to take down Falcone down once and for all.

Skyline Club

Once you get on of the Building Opposite to Skyline Club, Alfred will send you the Drone which has all the cameras and fully functional. Control the Drone and outside the Club and scan for Falcone’s Location. Here is the list you need to Find then analyze how to take down Guards:

Analyze the Party

  • Balcony
  • Patrons
  • Modern Art
  • Rose Sigil
  • Office

Plan of Attack Links to

  • Seated Gunman
    • Folding Screen
    • Coffee Table
  • Entryway Gunman
    • Marble Pillar
    • Staircase
  • Balcony Gunman
    • Upper Balcony
    • Balcony Railing
  • Outer Window Gunman
    • Hanging Light
    • Modern Art

Once you’re done with the attacking plan, let’s execute and watch the party crash. Now get ready to fight the thugs until Falcone shows up with the machine gun. Once he gets inside his room, throw the EMP inside the hole to cut off all the cameras and lights inside the building. You will have two options to end him up:

  1. The Fireplace
  2. The TV Wall

We choose the Wall and Falcone triggered his Room’s automatic machine gun pointing at us. Use you Finishing Blow to control the drone again and fire the explosive arms inside the building. Start the final conversation with Falcone, and make him confess why he started and what’s the link? At the End you will have a Choice to make:

  1. Arrest Falcone
  2. Brutalize Falcone

We decided to arrest him as he knows something more than the Chemicals. Falcone will point the Photo which has Bruce’s Parents and the Falcone’s having a meeting. Soon GCPD will show up and open fire so we head back to BatCave. Thus completing the Walkthrough Chapter 5 and continue to the next part Chapter 6 – Family Secrets or check out our Batman Telltale Wiki Page to know more about the Episode 1 Guide.