Enter The Ruins – Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough Chapter 6


In Chapter 5 after finding the Nurse and bring her back to the Base, you will get an option for Crew Management. In this Chapter, you will have once again locate a memory board. This memory board is somewhere in the Ruins which is infested with a lot of Wanderers and a new type of enemy Bomber. You have to find and retrieve it back to the base camp, it is advisable to activate the nearest Wormhole Transporter so that you don’t waste much of your stamina in traveling.

Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough

Enter The Ruins Walkthrough

At the base, once the conversation is over go and Access to AI Virgil. You can have a look at two new options Crew Management and Open Cases. Under Open Cases section, you can get info about different cases and their rarity details. You can learn about them and way to open them. Under Crew Management, you can assign a member to a unit so that Base Camp can function properly. So right now you have Reeve and Miranda. You can assign him to Base Development Team. The same you can do with Miranda. The Base Development Team can increase the efficiency of Agriculture facilities that produce Shared Resources. Later you will get a info about a new Memory Board, this will be your next mission.

Metal Gear Survive WalkthroughMetal Gear Survive Walkthrough

Ruins Location And Secure The Memory Board

Set your marker towards the ruins location, there is also a wormhole transporter nearby if you had activated that then you won’t have to travel on foot. You can instantly move to the nearest part. Follow the marker, and you will reach ruins with lots of wanderer’s roaming around. One easy way to kill them one by one is from behind if you kill one you won’t be alerting others. So slowly clear the area and enter the building. Walk slowly inside, as you cross the door, crouch and move, follow the glowing purple patches on the wall. You have to go down, and turn left, cross the hall and you will reach a container on your right. You can get Wooden Barbed Wire Barricade and Crowbar Recipe in it with some items.

Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough

Now exit the room and take the first door on your right-hand side. Unlock it and go in, then look on the right end side there is a path, but before you have to kill the Wanderer inside. Go quietly from behind and backstab him. There is one more on the grown at the extreme left near the fallen wardrobe. Once you are out you will see another door on your left, unlock it but don’t enter. Slowly move ahead and kill a Wanderer on the floor on the left corner, there is one more door. Through the window, you can see the enemies inside, unlock that door also. You have two doors to enter, so you can plan from where to enter and deal with the enemies.

Metal Gear Survive WalkthroughMetal Gear Survive Walkthrough

After killing them inside the room there are stairs, watch for the wanderer on the ground near it. Go down, in the room on your left is a new type of enemy, Bomber, it has a massive head that can blast. So when you attack and when it is about to blow you have to run away. Once you are a spot the bomber will follow you, there will be wanderer’s also, shoot the head and it will turn red, hide to protect yourself from the blast. There is no use of close combat maintain distance at all cost. There will be another door on the left side, which has the memory board. Once you are done security the board, look for the stairs in the room, on right, it will lead you to a hall that has an iron stair, it will take you to a room with the container. Watch for Wanderer on the ground and one on the left of the container. Turn around and look on right, you will see stairs, go up and you will come out of the building.

There is a massive moving life form at the front, the AI will suggest you return to the base camp. You can jump down and look for the nearest wormhole transporter to reach the base. After connecting your iDroid the AI will tell you about the massive creature. It is called as Lord of Dust. AI will also tell you about Wormhole Digger that will allow them to gather more resources. This ends the Chapter, you can read our walkthrough on next Chapter 7 Wormhole Digger or you can also read our Metal Gear Survive Wiki guide for more updates on the game.