How to build ladders in Chivalry 2

Get up those walls!

Image via Tripwire Interactive

Objective-based maps in Chivalry 2 will have players assaulting castles, burning villages, busting down gates. However, any goal is harder to accomplish when archers are peppering you and your team with arrows from high up on a wall. Luckily, there are almost always ladders that can be put up to assault those walls; the game just doesn’t tell you how to. It’s simple, and once you have it figured out on one map, you should be able to lead the charge against any castle’s walls in Chivalry 2.

Where to find the ladder base

The first thing you’ll want to find is the ladder base. They’re usually laid out in front of castle walls and should be easy to spot. Once you know where they are, look around for a large wagon filled with wood. It may not seem like anything’s in there, but as you approach the wagon, you’ll find that it’s actually filled to the brim with ladder pieces.

Look for wagons filled with ladder pieces. Screenshot by Gamepur

How and where to build the ladder

To build the ladder, you’ll have to carry the ladder part over to the ladder base. On the end of the ladder farthest from the wall will be an empty slot perfect for the piece you’re carrying. Simply stand over it, and the piece will go into place by itself. Funny enough, the ladder will also go up by itself.