Should you choose Agatha or Mason in Chivalry 2?

It truly depends on which colors you want to wear.

Image via Torn Banner Studios

Upon booting up Chivalry II, you’ll be tasked with choosing between two factions: The Agatha Knights, or the Mason Order. The war between these two sides sets the stage for Chivalry II’s perpetual conflict, and new players may be caught off-guard upon starting Chivalry II for the first time as they wonder what the differences between these factions are.

However, the choice isn’t as important as it might seem at first glance. There are no exclusive weapons, classes, or the like to be gained from choosing one side over the other. Additionally, you can switch sides at any time. Siding with either the Agatha Knights or the Mason Order is purely a cosmetic choice; it’s more a matter of personal preference than anything else. The biggest difference between the two sides is which colors they wear, but each faction also has a backstory that explains their motivations, which you can also consider while making a decision.

The Agatha Knights are outfitted in blue and gold and are comprised of loyalists who serve Agathian royalty. The group’s primary motivation for defeating the Masons is to reclaim power from the Masons, who overthrew the acting royalty in the first Chivalry game. Many of the soldiers on this side are wealthier, well-off folks who wish to maintain their way of life.

Meanwhile, the Mason Order are adorned in red and black and are made up primarily of peasants or lower-class Agathians, all of whom have recently come into power. The group aims to rebuild Agatha and further distance the country from the corruption of its nobles, while also maintaining its ruling power. The order has quite a large reputation for ruthlessly violent behavior.