How to Turn off Chromatic Aberration in Jedi: Fallen Order


In Jedi: Fallen Order, players automatically have chromatic aberration turned on in the game. This option is going to give the game the best graphics and visual presentation. However, it may cause some PC hardware not to run as effectively because it is a graphically demanding option.

To turn it off, players need to open up the game’s main menu and proceed to the “Settings” option. It should be to the right of the Tactical Guide. Go into it, and on the left side, look for the “Visuals” option. Click on it, and the chromatic aberration choice should be right underneath the film grain. This option is automatically turned on, and players can turn this off at any time.

A player does not need to reset their game for the option to take effect. It should happen immediately without restarting.

For those curious about chromatic aberration, it’s coloring fringing. It prevents the different colors players are going to see in the game from blurring when they rapidly go past them because each color goes at a different speed due to their wavelength.

When the option is turned on, the lens process all of these colors at the same wavelength, unifying them. It provides a better effect when the player moves around in the game. Turning it off disables this function, making the colors look a bit more blurred and spotty, but it’s less demanding for a PC to deal with it while the game is running.