How To Mute Players in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Not Getting "Supply Drop Or Loot Box System"

CoD: Modern Warfare has returned. One of the most popular FPS online experiences of all time is back, and it seems like a successful re-birth, but just like with every game where a group of strangers or friends get together to blow the ever-loving bejesus out of each other, it’s not without its problems.

The most common one being that playing with other humans means you’re going to come across people who you want nothing to do with, but unfortunately, they happen to be on the same map or even in the same lobby as you. At it’s least annoying these are folks that think you want to hear their terrible mumble rap blaring through their mic (why is it never Slayer?) and at its worst it’s some dumb ass who thinks it’s funny and cool to throw out every single racial slur and homophobic comment they can think of.

How To Mute Players in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

We’ve all been there, on the receiving end of some moron’s criticism, but thankfully you don’t have to put up with it anymore. Want to shut them up? Then here’s how.

How To Mute Players In The Lobby

There are two things you can do when you’re in the lobby to silence that irritating noise. You can choose to mute specific people or, if you need to be able to hear yourself think, you can mute the whole lobby. To block out anyone irritating, you use the d-pad to highlight the person’s name and press either X on the Playstation or A on the Xbox. This should bring up a submenu, and it’s here you click the mute option to shut them down.

To make sure that the lobby you find yourself in goers as silent as the grave, click R3 and it will turn off voice chat for every single person that’s in there with you. There you go, complete silence.

How To Mute Players In-Game

You can also get peace and quite from your team or those you’re playing against in-game as well. Click on the touch-pad or press view, and you’ll bring up the team rosters. From here, choose which players you want to silence, highlight them, and click the shut the hell up button.

If at any point you want to change your choices, perhaps the person you’ve muted has apologized for being an inconsiderate douche bag or you just feel like chewing them out, then all you have to do is highlight their name again, as we’ve previously discussed, and click either X or A, depending on your console, and you’ll be able to hear their dulcet tones pollute your ears with their pointless garbage or the sound of them cramming their face holes with potato chips while their terrible taste in music punishes your mind.

Mind you; God knows why you would.