Coin Master Village Costs – Complete List (Updated October 2023)

Breaking down the cost of every village in Coin Master so players know where they stand and how much of an investment each one is.

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Coin Master is a deceptively complicated game. On the surface, it’s a simple coin collecting title where players need to spend as much cash as possible on their village to upgrade it. Coins are awarded from spins and raids, and players must wait a few hours each day to get more.

However, there’s a lot more to Coin Master for those willing to seek it out. One of the most addictive elements is the village upgrade mechanic, which sees players move through village levels based on the amount they’ve spent. But it takes a lot of work to progress quickly.

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All Coin Master Village Costs Explained

The table below lists every village in Coin Master alongside the cost of getting it. The price is calculated by adding up all the coins players must spend on items to acquire the stars for each village. Players unlock a new village by completing the last one, which requires a lot of coins and time.

Village NameLevelCoin Cost
Land of Vikings
Level 13.1 Million Coins
Ancient Egypt
Level 25.2 Million Coins
Snowy Alps
Level 39.5 Million Coins
Level 413.2 Million Coins
Far East
Level 516.3 Million Coins
Stone Age
Level 617.4 Million Coins
Sunny Hawaii
Level 720.6 Million Coins
Level 825.8 Million Coins
Level 931 Million Coins
Level 1034.8 Million Coins
RobotLevel 1135.8 Million Coins
WoodstockLevel 1237.4 Million Coins
Arabian NightsLevel 1341 Million Coins
Moon LandingLevel 1442.8 Million Coins
Wild WestLevel 1558.3 Million Coins
NetherlandsLevel 1660 Million Coins
JungleLevel 1764 Million Coins
WonderlandLevel 1867.2 Million Coins
MinersLevel 1969.9 Million Coins
The ArcticLevel 2060 Million Coins
ApocalypseLevel 2161 Million Coins
Candy LandLevel 2263.4 Million Coins
Army CampLevel 2364.2 Million Coins
HalloweenLevel 2467.3 Million Coins
The TribeLevel 2566.6 Million Coins
AustraliaLevel 2671 Million Coins
ColumbusLevel 2769.7 Million Coins
MexicoLevel 2875.8 Million Coins
Magical ForestLevel 2981 Million Coins
IndiaLevel 3085.7 Million Coins
The 50’sLevel 3191.7 Million Coins
ThailandLevel 3297.2 Million Coins
Coin ManorLevel 33108.9 Million Coins
Dragon LairLevel 34115.2 Million Coins
Greek IslandLevel 35120.1 Million Coins
LA DreamsLevel 36126.3 Million Coins
WizardLevel 37134 Million Coins
Oil TyrantLevel 38141.5 Million Coins
La FamiliaLevel 39153.6 Million Coins
Area 51Level 40163.8 Million Coins
Night of the DeadLevel 41165.1 Million Coins
SteampunkLevel 42174.6 Million Coins
The ZooLevel 43180.5 Million Coins
RussiaLevel 44192.3 Million Coins
MusketeersLevel 45205 Million Coins
Lady BugLevel 46216.2 Million Coins
Theme ParkLevel 47229 Million Coins
TibetLevel 48251.5 Million Coins
HellLevel 49272.8 Million Coins
EasterLevel 50279 Million Coins
JapanLevel 51282.9 Million Coins
SwampLevel 52291 Million Coins
OzLevel 53304 Million Coins
TimbuktuLevel 54320.7 Million Coins
Jurassic VilleLevel 55345.3 Million Coins
CandaLevel 56348.1 Million Coins
MongoliaLevel 57368.4 Million Coins
Jack BeanstalkLevel 58384.1 Million Coins
ScotlandLevel 59409.9 Million Coins
Robin HoodLevel 60433.1 Million Coins
Deep SeaLevel 61453.3 Million Coins
Don QuixoteLevel 62483.4 Million Coins
ColosseumLevel 63505.3 Million Coins
Cat CastleLevel 64523 Million Coins
OlympusLevel 65542.6 Million Coins
TrollsLevel 66565.8 Million Coins
AliensLevel 67591.4 Million Coins
Da VinciLevel 68630 Million Coins
Sand LandLevel 69658.5 Million Coins
ElvesLevel 70694.8 Million Coins
SwitzerlandLevel 71726.2 Million Coins
TruckersLevel 72773.3 Million Coins
SpainLevel 730.9 Billion Coins
Little RedLevel 740.9 Billion Coins
UnicornLevel 751 Billion Coins
ScientistLevel 761 Billion Coins
RomaniaLevel 771 Billion Coins
CourthouseLevel 781 Billion Coins
Tin SoldierLevel 791.1 Billion Coins
Crazy BrideLevel 801.1 Billion Coins
PilotLevel 811.2 Billion Coins
Fairy TaleLevel 821.3 Billion Coins
Car RacingLevel 831.4 Billion Coins
GnomeLevel 841.4 Billion Coins
Desert PunkLevel 851.4 Billion Coins
DetectiveLevel 861.4 Billion Coins
Baba YagaLevel 871.5 Billion Coins
BarbarianLevel 881.7 Billion Coins
RestaurantLevel 891.7 Billion Coins
King ArthurLevel 901.8 Billion Coins
SinbadLevel 911.8 Billion Coins
Biker’s BarLevel 922 Billion Coins
Caribbean ResortLevel 932.1 Billion Coins
Super HeroesLevel 942.2 Billion Coins
Egyptian PyramidsLevel 952.2 Billion Coins
Olympic GamesLevel 962.3 Billion Coins
Mountain ClimbersLevel 972.4 Billion Coins
Milky WayLevel 982.6 Billion Coins
Ski SlopeLevel 992.7 Billion Coins
Royal MonkeyLevel 1002.8 Billion Coins
Snow WhiteLevel 1012.8 Billion Coins
Goblin GhettoLevel 1023.1 Billion Coins
YemenLevel 1033.4 Billion Coins
Wu XingLevel 1043.4 Billion Coins
CircusLevel 1053.6 Billion Coins
YokaiLevel 1063.7 Billion Coins
Golf CourseLevel 1073.8 Billion Coins
Lucha LibreLevel 1084.1 Billion Coins
Cyber CowboysLevel 1094.2 Billion Coins
Rice FarmerLevel 1104.6 Billion Coins
Captain ShipyardLevel 1114.7 Billion Coins
Irish CraicLevel 1125 Billion Coins
OktoberfestLevel 1135.3 Billion Coins
AmazonLevel 1145.6 Billion Coins
AztecLevel 1155.7 Billion Coins
Forbidden CityLevel 1165.8 Billion Coins
Ice QueenLevel 1176 Billion Coins
SamuraiLevel 1186.4 Billion Coins
Santa’s FactoryLevel 1196.7 Billion Coins
SoccerLevel 1207 Billion Coins
TennisLevel 1217.4 Billion Coins
ThanksgivingLevel 1227.8 Billion Coins
ToysLevel 1238.2 Billion Coins
VeniceLevel 1248.5 Billion Coins
WitchesLevel 1259 Billion Coins
YankeeLevel 1269.2 Billion Coins
ZanzibarLevel 1279.6 Billion Coins
Moby DickLevel 12810.2 Billion Coins
TurkeyLevel 12910.6 Billion Coins
ArgentinaLevel 13011.3 Billion Coins
Boxing ClubLevel 13111.8 Billion Coins
CarnivalLevel 13212.6 Billion Coins
DraculaLevel 13313.1 Billion Coins
The FutureLevel 13413.5 Billion Coins
GymnasticsLevel 13514.3 Billion Coins
New YorkLevel 13614.5 Billion Coins
Swamp PrincessLevel 13715.1 Billion Coins
Punk RockLevel 13815.2 Billion Coins
RailroadLevel 13916.2 Billion Coins
RioLevel 14017.8 Billion Coins
PirateLevel 14118.6 Billion Coins
Mech WorkshopLevel 14219.8 Billion Coins
Space ShuttleLevel 14320.7 Billion Coins
ColumbiaLevel 14421.1 Billion Coins
PetraLevel 14521.6 Billion Coins
Monkey KingdomLevel 14622 Billion Coins
Persian SultanLevel 14722.6 Billion Coins
Desert PartyLevel 14822.9 Billion Coins
HerculesLevel 14923.4 Billion Coins
ShaolinLevel 15023.8 Billion Coins
Baker ShopLevel 15124.6 Billion Coins
BilliardLevel 15224.8 Billion Coins
Noah’s ArkLevel 15325.8 Billion Coins
DoomsdayLevel 15426.8 Billion Coins
OrcLevel 15528.2 Billion Coins
FairyLevel 15629 Billion Coins
Ice AgeLevel 15730.2 Billion Coins
CleopatraLevel 15830.5 Billion Coins
ValhallaLevel 15931.3 Billion Coins
SupervillainLevel 16032 Billion Coins
Horse RacingLevel 16133.6 Billion Coins
Jazz ClubLevel 16234.2 Billion Coins
FashionLevel 16334.5 Billion Coins
Barber ShopLevel 16436 Billion Coins
MermaidLevel 16537.1 Billion Coins
Street DanceLevel 16637.9 Billion Coins
Saloon SlickersLevel 16738.8 Billion Coins
CentaurLevel 16840.6 Billion Coins
Dungeon LairLevel 16941.8 Billion Coins
Brazil AmazonLevel 17043.8 Billion Coins
MoroccoLevel 17145 Billion Coins
FirefightersLevel 17245.7 Billion Coins
JoustingLevel 17346.6 Billion Coins
Sculpture WorkshopLevel 17448.4 Billion Coins
BabylonLevel 17549 Billion Coins
Boarding SchoolLevel 17651.3 Billion Coins
Movie SetLevel 17752.8 Billion Coins
Dino RanchLevel 17852.4 Billion Coins
American FootballLevel 17956 Billion Coins
Beauty and the BeastLevel 18057.7 Billion Coins

How Many Villages Are There in Coin Master?

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At the time of writing, we know of 472 villages in Coin Master. Developer Moon Active always adds new villages, so players have something to work towards. This number could increase over time. However, according to the game’s official website, there are only 472 confirmed villages in Coin Master. Any villages beyond this are either considered secret or haven’t been disclosed by Moon Active yet for some reason.

How do I Get More Free Coins in Coin Master

Coin Master
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Earning all those villages in Coin Master takes a considerable time investment and the coins players need to spend. However, it’s possible to shorten the time required to unlock each village by getting free coins. Below, we’ve explained a few ways players can get additional easy coins to spend in Coin Master.

The easiest way to get more coins in Coin Master is by grabbing every free spin the developer puts out. We collect these in our Coin Master Free Spins & Coins Link Guide, so players can rack up around 4 or 5 free spins daily. Those spins have a considerable impact when players need to spend as much as possible to progress slowly through each village.

Reward Calendar

Coin Master has a reward calendar packed with free coins, spins, and other rewards. All players need to do is log into the game daily to pick up more rewards from this list. There are always more rewards to collect, so even if players aren’t playing each day, it pays to log into the game and register a new reward.

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Gift Spins

Friends can gift each other free spins in Coin Master, and it’s a great way to earn some extra coins. All they need to do is open the Main Menu, select the Gifts tab, and then they can send free gifts to others and collect any that have been sent to them.

If players have two devices to play Coin Master on, and a second Facebook account to connect to the second device, this is a great way to optimize the number of spins and coins they get. It’s hard work and takes a lot of time, but it’s better than waiting for the daily spins to populate.

Participating in Events

The official Coin Master social media accounts regularly hold events and competitions for players. Each one offers hundreds of spins, which could mean thousands of coins for players in Coin Master.

Keeping an eye out for and participating in every competition is a great way to earn more spins and coins. It takes no time at all, and the potential rewards are so extravagant that players will be working for days to get through them. That could result in a jump of 10 villages.