The 15 Best Games Like Coin Master

Coin Master is an addictive and engaging game that can suck players in for hours. However, a few other titles like it that are just as fun.


Image via Playtika and Forever9 Games

Coin Master is one of the best free smartphone games around. Its addictive and engaging gameplay is only bolstered by the near-endless levels of progression players must make if they want to maximize their time with it.

However, Coin Master can get boring after a while. When fans want something different, it’s hard to find another game that matches the high that Coin Master offers. That’s why we’ve found a few more that are the best games like Coin Master around.

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The Best Games Like Coin Master Fans Can Play (Mostly) For Free Today

Below, we’ve listed the best games we can find that are similar to Coin Master. Each one offers its own spin on the Coin Master formula, though some are very different and provide a new experience. They aren’t ranked in any particular order, so we suggest fans find one they like the look of and download it.

Most of the games in this list are free, but we’ve been clear when they aren’t. We also need to note that while these games can be free, there’s a heavy focus on monetization. Those who don’t want to spend money don’t have to, but it can be a slippery slope. So it might be better to avoid them if monetization mechanics are an issue.

1) Pet Master

Image via Active Moon

Platforms: IOS & Android

Pet Master is the perfect game for those who want more of what Coin Master has to offer under a different skin. While there are some more changes than looks, Pet Master is heavily based on Coin Master, which makes sense since it’s from the same developer, Moon Active.

We recommend Pet Master to anyone who wants something different from Coin Master without the need to master too many new mechanics. Players still need to spin for coins, grab free spins from Facebook and other third-party links, and build up a hub. In Pet Master, the hub is a pet kingdom, and those kingdoms are always at war.

2) Piggy GO – Clash of Coin

Image via Forever9 Games

Platforms: iOS & Android

In Piggy GO – Clash of Coin, players will find a familiar but slightly varied gameplay experience compared to Coin Master. The focus here is still on building a hub, stealing coins from other players, and picking up more through various means in-game and using third-party websites. It’s got an interesting focus on dice rolls, making every move a lot more random and exciting while progressing.

3) Spin Voyage: Master of Coin!

Image via Azerion Casual

Platforms: iOS & Android

Spin Voyage: Master of Coin is another clone of Coin Master that keeps things close to the original. It’s got all the same mechanics but has a much more vibrant skin. Players will be working on their tropical island, making the best empire possible alongside their companions like a coin pirate and parrot. Everything Coin Master fans are familiar with is here, so it’s not too much of a jump for a fresh start.

4) Coin Boom: Become Coin Master!

Image via Candy Grill

Related: iOS & Android

Coin Boom: Master of Coin is one of the most shameless Coin Master copies in this list. It’s extremely similar both visually and mechanically, so fans who just want a slight variation on the Coin Master look and feel will find it in this title. It’s probably worth sticking with Coin Master, given how similar it is, but at least with this game fans can get a fresh start if they’re sick of grinding for new villages.

5) Piggy Boom

Image via Forever9 Games

Platforms: iOS & Android

Piggy Boom offers a slight change to the Coin Master experience without rocking the boat too much. There are spins, collectibles, pigs to shoot out of trees, and even a little hub to build up. As with most of these titles, it’s familiar but very much a game that’s got its own take on what fans will already know and love.

6) Coin Kingdom

Image via Tycoon Games

Platforms: Android

As should be expected for a game with a name so similar to Coin Master, Coin Kingdom takes everything players love from their favorite game and ramps it up a little. The aim is to build a kingdom, and everything has been personified slightly to make it a more personal experience. This includes attacking actual human avatars when raiding.

Don’t worry. The spins are still here, as is building up a hub in the background. It’s all extremely similar to the original game but still has some level of alteration to make it just different enough. It’s a good game for those who don’t want to stray too far from Coin Master.

7) Coin Trip

Image via Lion Studios

Platforms: iOS & Android

Coin Trip is another almost shameless rip-off of Coin Master. However, we reckon it looks better, so it might be the superior version. All the spins, raiding, and usual excitement of the game fans know and love is here. The only difference is that they’re building a more expensive and luxurious hub while taking everything they can from their Facebook friends.

8) Dice Dreams

Screenshot via SuperPlay

Platforms: iOS & Android

Dice Dreams is quite different from Coin Master, but not how most fans will think. The spins, raiding, and earning from friends are all still here, but now there’s a focus on dice rolls over random elements in a fruit machine. It’s different enough to feel like a new game to add to the roster, but it’s also so close to Coin Master that it’ll make for a great addition for any fan.

9) Island King

Forever9 Games

Platforms: iOS & Android

Island King is a desert island version of Coin Master. Instead of spins on a fruit machine, players spin a big wooden wheel. The villages are gone, now there’s an island to upgrade, and others can be raided along the way to reap rewards to build that island up. We really like this one, it’s got enough charm and new visuals that it not only feels fresh but it looks like a new game. Coin Master fans should jump in if they want to dodge the massive grind for villages.

10) Pirate Master: Coin Spin

Image via BigLime Limited

Platforms: iOS & Android

Pirate Master: Coin Spin is extremely similar to Coin Master. The gameplay is pretty much the same, with users needing to build up their pirate village in the Caribbean instead of a simple settlement. They can spin for more coins, allowing them to build more, earn extra spins for free from Facebook and other facilities, and even raid other players. Those who want an experience that’s almost exactly the same as Coin Master will find it here.

11) Atomicrops

Screenshot via Bird Bath Games

Platforms: Steam

Atomicrops is a PC game and probably the most different from Coin Master on this list. However, the similarity is in the grind for progression. In Coin Master, players push for more villages and coins. But in Atompicrops, they grind for plants that they just defend from invaders.

It’s got a little bit of a slice-of-life element in there with potential romances, but it’s mostly a very grindy game that will hit the sweet spot Coin Master fans are looking for, just in a very different way. Unlike most of the other games in this list, this one must be purchased and isn’t free.

12) Pirate Kings

Screenshot via PlayTika

Platforms: iOS & Android

Pirate Kings keeps gameplay close to Coin Master. It’s got its own mechanics, such as heading out on expeditions, but for the most part, it’s a very close copy. The element we love is building up amazing pirate islands, which just feels better because pirates are involved.

13) Cuisine Master – Coin Journey

Screenshot via Fortune Mine Games

Platforms: iOS & Android

As should be fairly evident from the image above, Cuisine Master – Coin Journey is pretty much a Coin Master clone. It has everything that Coin Master does and is fairly shameless in the way it copies that. However, it throws in a few new features to make for an interesting gameplay experience, such as card collecting. It’s a good one for players to hop over to if they want a brand new start and just need something that looks a bit different.

14) Bingo Blitz

Screenshot via Playtika Santa Monica

Platforms: iOS & Android

Bingo Blitz has a unique take on bingo and gives players everything they need to immerse themselves in its world. There are missions, a story, randomization, and tonnes and tonnes of bingo. It’s similar to Coin Master because of the same grind players want out of their smartphone titles, but the thrill of bingo is what makes it so engrossing.

15) King Boom Pirate: Coin Game

Screenshot by Tapps Games – PT

Platforms: Android

King Boom Pirate: Coin Game is exactly the same as Coin Master. The only change between the titles is the visuals, and we think this one looks way better. It’s all about flying pirates, stealing gold, and having a great time. A lovely angle this game takes is having floating islands that players can grind through instead of standard villages. It’s a great boon to any fantasy fans out there.