Dauntless Nightbringer Rift Spike – How To Get It


In Dauntless, Nightbringer Rift Spike is a common crafting item that players can get by fighting the Riftstalker. It can be used to craft Riftstalker gear. Getting your hands on it is a little bit dangerous though, and it’s not something you will be able to get in the early game.

How To Get Nightbringer Rift Spike In Dauntless

To find the Riftstalker, you will to visit the Maelstrom and hunt them there. The Maelstrom is a very dangerous area and is the fifth zone in the game. This is where the most powerful Behemoths hang out, so you need to be highly leveled to make it there. You will need to break the tail to get your hands on the Nightbringer Rift Spike. This can be difficult due to the Behemoths ability to teleport.

When the Riftstalker is about the come through a portal, that is your chance to stun it. The portal it will come through will glow a pinkish color, so you will know where to set up. You want to use weapons that can interrupt and stun the beast, and it is weak to Radiant attacks and weapons. As long as you can stop it from teleporting around too much, you should be able to focus on the tail and get that all important break to get your Nightbringer Rift Spike.

This is the kind of fight that will go much easier if you bring some friends who all have the same goal, as being able to co-ordinate stuns and tail attacks will make your life much easier. It might also be a good idea to have a good Hammer wielding player, as their ability to get stuns is second to none.