Dawn of Man – How to Get Mud

Dawn of Man is the new strategic game from Madruga Works, the team known for Planetbase, a space simulation game. One of the most important materials to obtain is mud and it might seem easy to get it, but it’s not at all.

Where to find the mud in Dawn of Man?

It is generally found in riverbeds or other bodies of water and is especially important at the beginning to build your settlement. However, you will notice that the more structures created, the more the mud deposits will run out in a short time, so here is how to find the mud in Dawn of Man.

How to Get Mud in Dawn of Man?

To easily find the mud in Dawn of Man activate your Primal Vision that will highlight the resources gathered in the otherworldly world, with a different color.

If you are not able to use primitive vision, scan the areas near the rivers or lakes. Sludge deposits are generally found in those areas. As long as the area of ​​the game map is not too dangerous, you can do this research repeatedly without problems.

However, if they encounter threats along the way or your settlement is running out of vital resources like food or water, they often come back and come home to work towards the cultivation of these resources. To avoid this, make sure your settlement is well stocked and keep the group of settlers safe. This should allow them to successfully achieve the sludge deposit and come back with a nice slice of the resource.