Days Gone: Bear Creek Bunker Location


Days Gone is filled with groups of bandits who have set up Ambush Camps. In a harsh world, these bandits are the worst of humanity, groups of murderers who have banded together to lure people in and then kill them. It is your job to clear out these camps.

Bear Creek Bunker Location

Bear Creek Bunker Map

Bear Creek Bunker

The first thing you want to do is take out all the bandits in the camp. There are 15 in total, and it is a good idea to sneak up the hill and crawl through the gap at the back, as this allows you to come at them with the element of surprise. Use your binoculars to mark every enemy you see, then sneak through the camp, taking out as many of them as you can using stealth attacks.

There also will generally be a pretty tanky enemy wearing some protective gear in the house at the center of the camp, so you want to be careful as you approach that building.

Once the camp has been fully cleared, you can then head for the bunker entrance. It is a small circular hatch close to the cliff face that surrounds the Ambush Camp. We have it marked on the map above for you. Head down into the bunker and find the map on the table in the back, and this part of the Ambush Camp challenge mission will be completed.

Now that you have the Ambush Camp clear, and have discovered the Bear Creek Bunker, this camp become somewhere you can rest if you need to, and the surrounding area will become a little bit safer.