Days Gone: Should You Bring The Drug Stash To Tucker Or Copeland?

Choices, choices.

Image via SIE

You spent some of the early hours of Days Gone hunting down a drug stash. Two different parties want the drugs, and you have to decide who to give them to. There are advantages to giving it to either party, so let’s talk about what you should consider before making your decision.

The biggest concern is the immediate and knock-on effects that this decision can have during the campaign, so let’s run through them.

Should You Bring The Drug Stash To Tucker Or Copeland?

If you feel like better weapons would be more useful, you should bring the drugs to Tucker. Tucker’s camp has a vendor that sells some excellent guns, and they can really make the difference in some of the fights you will get in over the course of the game. Keep in mind, you need to really build up your Trust level with Tucker’s camp to get access to them all, but it is well worth doing. You can get guns at Copeland’s camp, but they just lack the broad inventory that you can choose from at Tucker’s.

On the other hand, Copeland’s mechanic, Manny, can help you to fix up your bike. Bringing him the drug stash will increase the level of Trust with him, allowing you access to some better parts for your bike.

To be honest, I like to shoot stuff, and Days Gone is a dangerous world. While I will always opt for the quiet approach, having some good firepower is just the best way out of a bad situation. I also find the bike mechanics of fuel usage and taking damage to be a bit overdone, so rapidly learned to always keep an eye out for gas anyway. You can still upgrade the bike quite nicely anyway.

Just decide which option will most benefit your playstyle, and take the drug stash to the person who will benefit you the most.