Days Gone: Logging Camp Infestations Locations


Days Gone is filled with Freaker infestations, strange nests that the Freakers can hide in during the day. Clearing them out is dangerous, and you will need to have plenty of Molotov cocktails with you to get the job done. In this guide, we show you where to find all the Logging Camp Infestations.

There are six Infestations here in total, so you will need a lot of Molotovs. If you run out, check around the Logging Camp as there are plenty of supplies here, in a pinch, you can also use Gas Can by leaving it beside a nest and then shooting it.

One thing to be careful about here is that a gang of Marauders can show up on their motorbikes, and you might need to take them all out to get the job finished.

Logging Camp Infestations Locations

Location #1

Location One Map

Location One

The first location is near the river that runs around the border of the Logging Camp. Thankfully, there are some useful bushes nearby that you can hide in while you burn it out. Once you are done, make sure you take out all the Freakers that come out of it.

Location #2

Location Two Map

Location Two

The second location is near the very center of the camp, right under the mission marker. Be careful with this one, as there are no nearby bushes, so you want to throw the Molotov and then fall back behind the cover of the adjacent timber and machinery.

Location #3

Location Three Map

Location Three

The last four nests are located in the large shed at the top of the camp. Be careful on the way in, as there are a lot of Freakers in this area. Make sure you clear them all about before taking out the Infestations in the building. To get at one of the Infestations, you will need to climb the stairs outside the back of the building.

And that’s it! All the Logging Camp Infestations locations. Best of luck clearing them all out.