Rogue Camp Infestation Locations In Days Gone


At some point during the Days Gone campaign, you are going to need to visit Rogue Camp. The issue here is that the place is swarming with Infestation nests, with six in total being located at the camp. Your best bet is to head there during the day, and clear out all the nests while the Freakers are sleeping. Be warned though, there is still a high Freaker population in the area, and this place is also prone to visits from Marauders.

The good news is that there is a gas pump here, so if you are running low on gas for your bike remember to fuel up before you leave.

Rogue Camp Infestation Locations

Rogue Camp Infestation Sites

All six of the Rogue Camp Infestation locations are marked in red on the map above. Three of them are spread out among the buildings on the edge of town. These are all quite easy to take out; the real danger comes from the potentially high amount of Freakers that seem to enjoy hanging out in this area.

The last three are all concentrated in the gas station at the back end of the town. This spot is really dangerous, as the building itself can be flooded with Freakers. I’d suggest heading up there on foot, your bike is a bit too loud and will draw a lot of attention from the Freakers. After that, take out as many as you can from Stealth, then whack the rest to death with your favorite melee weapon. After that, it is just a matter of burning out the nests and dealing with whatever Freakers manage to crawl out of them.