Days Gone: Shermans Camp Infestation Locations


In Days Gone you will eventually have to head to Shermans Camp to take care of some tasks for some NPCs. While you are there, you should take out all the Shermans Camp Infestation nests, as it will make your life in this region a lot easier if you do.

There seems to be a lot of Freaker activity in this area, regardless of the time of day. Marauders also seem very common, so you want to be pretty careful and stealth around to make sure that nobody gets the drop on you.

Shermans Camp Infestation Locations

Location #1

Location #1 Map

Sherman's Camp Infestation Site 1

The first two Infestations are in the same building, with one on the ground floor and one on the to the floor. Take out the one on the ground floor first, and make sure you kill all the Freakers that come out of it.

Now walk around to the front of the building, and you should see a set of stone stairs. Walk up the steps and turn right, and the next nest will in there. It is kind of an awkward one to clear, as the fire spreads in a strange pattern in that room. My advice is to throw the Molotov and then run.

Location #2

Sherman's Camp Map 2

Shermans Camp Infestation Location 2

The second location can be found towards the center of the town, near to the Tourist Center. There will be a lot of roaming Freakers in this area, so take them all out before you burn the nest or they will come running. As usual, take out the Freakers that come out when you burn it and then that’s it, all three of the Shermans Camp Infestations will have been cleared.

Make sure you have a good scout of the area for anything you might need before moving on, as there are plenty of supplies in this area.