How To Defeat Hands Of The King Boss – Dead Cells [Tips]


The Hand of the King is the last boss you will face in Dead Cells. There are total four bosses and you will face the final one in the Throne Room. In this guide, you can find tips on defeating The Hand of The King, the final boss of Dead Cells. Below you can find info the bosses attacks, defense, vulnerabilities, and weapons. This info will help you to tackle the boss easier, you can also learn about the different phases of attacks as it is the final fight it won’t end easily.

Dead Cells Boss Fight Tips

How To Defeat The Hand of the King Boss

The Hand of the King Boss use series of attacks and there are 3 phases of fight where it changes its attack tactics. The usual attack style it uses is Lance, Charge, Rock Pound, Bomb Flurry, Rally and Summon mobs. There are certain combos also that will increase as the fight progress to next stage. The boss can defend itself through a shield that will reduce the damage of projectiles coming from the front like bows. It can also resist controlling effects like freeze, frost slow and stun.

Using weapons that creates poison clouds is highly effective against the Hand of the King boss. You can also use a meat grinder, oil, and grenades below him to cause damage on a regular basis. You can use the shield to parry majority of this bosses attacks.

Phase 1 Fight:

There are around three phases of fight divided on the basis of how Hand of the King changes it attack pattern. This fight is long so you need to geared up well. If you learn the attack pattern then it will be a lot more easier for you to plan your move. The fight will bring with a Dash type attack that will cause a moderate damage. He will dash around the arena and also summon spikes from the below. This will cause more damage. His projectile shield will remain active in this phase. When he lowers his spear towards you look for the yellow sparks. It is easy to roll through or use a double jump over. If you parry with the a shield then it will nullify the damage, but you will get knocked back. Try to avoid spikes it can cause you a high damage.

The boss can go slowly upgrade in the air and then slash down that can also cause a good amount of damage. If you see him in the sky roll behind him to avoid the damage and you also get a window to attack. The boss can throw up a pack of bombs that will be aim toward you. Try to use the falling platform the side to stay above the damage area. Right timing is necessary or else the boss will throw the bomb towards you. If you go close to him he will attack you, you can instantly move back but watch for the bombs. If you are near to the boss then to dodge his attacks you can roll behind him.

Once you are able to destroy his 20% of health he will fade in the background and a three low-tier enemies will spawn. You can beat them easily, there can be worm or zombies. Two of the enemies will be on the upper platform and one will be lower. One of them is the Elite. Target the enemies on the lower platform first, roll for your defense and kill them. Then go up and take the Elite.

Phase 2 Fight:

Once you are done dealing with the boss in the first phase in the second one is tougher. Here the boss will use 5 attacks in random order. He can use attacks like Bomb barrage, Dash, Three-hit combo, Stab-n-slam and Banners. During the first three attacks, you can use roll then double jump and then roll again. If you are not good at this then you might easily get attacked, so you have the practice to hit this roll thing at the right time. You can parry all three hits, but you have to work on the time part. If you fail to parry then you will get hit by the boss weapon swing.

For attacks like Stab-n-Slam just roll away on the first hit and then double jump away from the boss. There is a shockwave you cannot dodge that. The attacks will predictable as this point, so if you focus you can easily figure out a way out. Once again a roll away can help you and through the double jump, you can maintain a distance. If you get attacked by stab then jump in time to avoid the shockwave. In the final attack, there will be three banners who will fall from above on you. You have to destroy them in 7 seconds or else they will explode and has a high radius. The boss will punch his hand in the ground to begin this attack.

The only way to exit this attack is destroy the banners, a hit for any melee weapon or slam is enough to destroy them. By slamming you can destroy multiples easily, but works only if they are in a close range. Finally, in the last the health will be around some 30%, the boss will fade and summon three enemies. Two will be on the top and one will be below. Similar to the last one you will have a Ugly worm or a zombie with a elite. Follow the same previous strategy to deal with the final attack of this phase.

Phase 3 Fight:

This is one of the last and final phase of the fight, it is very much similar to the previous one. The only difference is that it has around 6 attacks. The attacks are bomb barrage, 3-hit combo, stab-n-slam, banners, a dash and a big slam. The boss will raise his hand up and pound on the ground that will create a shockwave which will cover the while arena floor. And he will do this multiple damage that will cause you high damage. You can spot this attack as the boss’s fist will start glowing and he will rise above the center of the arena.

The best way to avoid this attack is to use the platforms on the sides so that you can stay above from the damage area. A regular double jump will not help you. All you have to try is staying away from the platform below.

Tips On Best Loadouts:

Carry a melee weapon in slot one. With 100% on burning target, it will double the damage. The only issue is with the range that restricts your movements, you have to be near to cause more damage. Put a shield in the next slot, get a force shield or punishment shield. The force one will protect you from spikes and combos. While the second one’s explosive parry can destroy banners. Put a fire grenade in the third slot with damage reduction. The fourth slot can be used for bleed or poison. Or you can also add a grenade here for more damage. It depends on you what you find the best here. Get a amulet for damage reduction and under mutations to carry Fast Flask, Cooldown Reduction with +30% HP or an extra life.

Following the above tips will help you to deal with Hand of the King boss in Dead Cells.