Deliver Us Mars ending, explained

What comes around goes around.

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The story of Deliver Us Mars is a roller coaster of emotions providing a thrilling experience to anyone that plays the game. Although the game might not be action intensive like other titles nowadays, its enthralling storyline ensures you are always on your toes. Like its predecessor game, Deliver Us Mars also has an open ending, leaving it up to interpretation. It’s not surprising that numerous fans are confused, and if you’re also seeking a clear explanation, we have you covered below.

Disclaimer: Major spoilers ahead

Deliver Us Mars Ending

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As we know, Earth’s youngest astronaut Kathy Johanson is on a mission to recover the stolen Ark colony ships so that they can be utilized to ensure the survival of the human race.

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Toward the end, after Kathy has access to the Ark, a scene appears where she is talking to her dad, Isaac, through the door, and it’s very similar to the opening where Isaac is attempting to take young Kathy along with him. However, this time around, Kathy has decided to board the Ark and head for planet Earth. On a whim, Isaac decides to join Kathy and leave the colonization on Mars behind, realizing he cannot leave his daughter for the second time. He contemplates his decision and knows well upon reaching the Earth, he’ll likely be prisoned, and the Ark will be sold to the highest bidder instead of it being used for the common good of humanity. This is also the second time Isaac leaves a whole settlement behind, similar to what happened in Deliver Us Moon.