All voice actors in Deliver Us Mars – Full voice cast

Know your crewmates.

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Deliver Us Mars is the followup to 2018’s Deliver Us The Moon, a sci-fi adventure game set in space. The game revolves around exploring among the stars all while finding a way to save humanity back on Earth. As Kathy Johanson, you are a crewmate and astronaut of the space shuttle Zephyr on a mission to discover the location of missing ships. But who exactly is the voice behind the helmet and who are her crewmates? Here are all the main characters in Deliver Us Mars and who voices them.

Deliver Us Mars voice cast

Ellise Chappell

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Ellise Chappell is the protagonist of Deliver Us Mars, Kathy Johanson. You’ll spend the entire game as Johanson solving puzzles, interacting with other characters, and exploring the Red Planet Mars. This is Chappell’s first voice-acting role in video games. She is an English television actress known for her role as Morwenna Chynoweth in Poldark.

Neil Newbon

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Neil Newborn plays Isaac Johanson, Kathy’s father. Along with her mission of saving Earth and recovering cargo, her sole mission is to find out where Isaac went and why he’s gone missing. Newborn is known for playing Karl Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose and Resident Evil Village. He’s also the voice of Zeon in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Nicole Tompkins

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Nicole Tompkins voices software engineer Sarah Baker in the game. Fans of Resident Evil Village will recognize her as Daniela Dimitrescu and Elena from the Capcom game. She’s also the voice of Cressida Lauya Zurbaran in Tactics Ogre: Reborn and plays Agafya in Genshin Impact.

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Bryony Tebbutt

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Bryony Tebbutt provides the voice for Claire Johanson, the eldest sibling of the Johanson family. This is Tebbutt’s first-ever voice-acting role for a video game. Tebbutt’s career started with short films and included Known Voices in 2019.