Destiny 2 Complete Guide: Classes, Exotics, Raids, and Everything Else


Destiny 2 is a huge world that can be daunting at first. There’s a lot to take in between the game’s story, Strikes, PvP, and Raid activities. The gear might be confusing at first, and it can feel overwhelming figuring out how to level up and where to go or what to do next.

We’ve compiled a list of guides for everything from beginning your Guardian’s journey to how to defeat the endgame Raid activities. It’s all here, and we’ll keep adding to it over time.

Getting started

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Beginner’s guide

How to get a Sparrow

How to level up Power

How to activate Heroic Public Events

PC graphics and performance guide

Item tracker

Class Guides

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Titan class guide

Warlock class guide

Hunter class guide

Exotic weapon quests

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MIDA Multi-Tool quest guide

Rat King quest guide

Sturm quest guide

Legend of Acrius guide

Leviathan Raid

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Leviathan Raid guide

Leviathan treasure map

Leviathan Challenge mode guide

The Crucible (PvP)

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Crucible mode overview

Trials of the Nine guide – Tips on how to go flawless

How to get Faction Tokens


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Exotic weapon list

PvE and PvP weapons guide

Weapon spreadsheet

Iron Banner weapons (Season 1)

The best Scout Rifles

Curse of Osiris

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“Eater of Worlds” Raid Lair guide

How to trigger Mercury’s Heroic Public Event

How to unlock the Lighthouse chest

Season 2 weapon ornaments

Season 2 Exotic Ghosts

Season 2 Exotic Ships and Sparrows