Destiny 2 – How To Get The Wendigo GL3


In Destiny 2 the Wendigo is a powerful Grenade Launcher you can get for completing the “A Gift For The Worthy” Vanguard quest. It is a solid Power Weapon, and if you don’t want to use up your Exotic allowance on a Prospector (I am more than willing to do this), then it’s a great option to have.

How To Get The Wendigo

To get the Wendigo, you need to visit Zavala at the Tower and get the quest called “A Gift For The Worthy.” To complete this quest, you need to get

  • 1500 final blows with Grenade Launchers
  • 500 Multikills with Grenade Launchers
  • Earn 100% of the required points.

All these targets must happen within the Vanguard Strikes playlist. You also used to lose progress if you ended up dying. This once took awhile, but thankfully Bungie made some changes in the recent patch.

  • Grenade Launcher kills are worth 100% more for each objective
  • Death Penalty no longer exist for the final objective
  • Grenade Launcher multikills grant 50% more progress
  • Completing Playlist strikes grants a significant amount of progress towards the final objective

All of the above changes make it much easier to get through this quest, but you might still be interested in a little bit of cheese.

How To Cheese The Wendigo

To cheese this quest, you need to get a Fireteam together who all want to get it as fast as possible. Then, load into the Vanguard Strike Playlist and keep packing into and out of Strikes until you reach The Corrupted Strike in the Dreaming City. Head for the Blind Well, and grind the hell out of it until you get all the requirements finished.

You should make sure someone in your squad is running a Warlock with Well of Radiance and Lunification Boots for that fantastic reload perk. It is still a bit of a grind, but nothing compared to finishing this one in Strikes with the old requirements.

With the changes, you might complete the first two requirements long before the last one. If this is the case, just run through Strikes quickly, as they are now worth a lot of progress towards that 100% marker.