Destiny 2 Mars Community Event Checklist


While the Iron Banner is behind us in Destiny 2, the latest patch notes in the game brought in a brand new event, it’s a community event centered around players coming together to tackle the many challenges happening on the planet Mars. Players who want to take part in the event and assist in getting everything taken care of have the chance to tackle four different tasks. Here are the four tasks players are going to need to achieve by a specific date, and how players can get involved in the event.

Destiny 2 Mars Community Event

Task One

Defeat 175,000 Wave 7 Escalation Protocol Bosses

You don’t want to take on this wave of fights alone, especially with Bok Litur, Hunger of Xol as your opponent. This particular boss drops three weapons: a shotgun, an SMG, and a sniper rifle. Both the SMG and sniper rifle are requirements for Wayfarer, so if you haven’t completed this yet, you’re going to find this an opportune moment to knock it out this week.

Task Two

Defeat 300 Million Hive on Mars

For this task, all you need to do is run around Mars for a little bit, completing a handful of the public events and doing your part to clear out the area. While you can do this from the general area, any Hive you kill in any of the more significant events like Nightfalls is going to count, too. So you don’t have to rely on running around the public Mars area, grinding through the hordes roaming the landscape.

Task Three

Defeat Nokris 150,000 Times in Nightfalls, Defeat Xol 100,000 Times in Nightfalls

Now the community event is getting even easier, with requiring players to kill two of the quickest bosses in the game. To kill these particular bosses, you’re going to need to run the Strange Terrain Nightfall and the Will of the Thousands to execute the respective big baddie. Both events are relatively straightforward, so if you’re interested in jumping into these with a random team, you should do fine. Many consider Will of the Thousands a great way to return to the game, as it provides a stable reintroduction of the game’s shooting mechanics.

Task Four

Use 300,000 Override Frequencies

Many are going to ask what these are. Those who jumped into the game a little after Warmind was a critical thing may not be too familiar with the term. Override Frequencies occur when players combine resonance stems together to locate Rasputin nodes hidden on Mars. You need to have completed Will of the Thousands at least once to have access to the Override Frequencies. Several video guides are available on YouTube detailing the numerous locations of these devices, making this a frustrating, albeit leisurely, the task to complete.

Destiny 2 Award Emblem

When all of these tasks get finished, and players who completed at least one of the previously mentioned Nightfalls, are going to receive a specific emblem reward for their troubles. The event is already underway, and it ends on Sept. 10.