Destiny 2 – How to Get Master of Disguise Triumph


It’s that time of year again Destiny 2, Guardians, and the Festival of the Lost is here. You’re going to don your mask, take part in special events, and earn exclusive rewards to get some fun gear. Along with the festivities is the chance to grab unique titles and seasonal Triumphs. The Triumph for this Festival of the Lost is the Master of Disguise. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Destiny 2 – How to Get Master of Disguise Triumph

The Triumph connects to the current event, Festival of the Lost. For those interested in getting involved with it, make sure to collect your Mask from Eva, and you start jumping into the Haunted Forest. We pointed out the best way to reach that location right here, so you won’t get lost.

To check out the requirements for the Triumph, you need to open your main inventory. From there, proceed to the “Triumphs” tab on your upper toolbar. When you go there, click on the “Seasonal,” section, which should be in the middle. You’ll go to a new menu broken into “Activites” and “Events.” You want to click the “Events” option in your menu, and the Master of Disguise Triumph is going to be the second option on the right side of the list. To make sure you don’t lose it, click on it, and you’re going to start tracking it on your main Triumphs page.

Master of Disguise Triumph

Now, the Triumphs says you’re going to need to collect fives masks to complete it. What are these masks? These are the ones you’re going to receive from Eva through the event. But she’s not going to give them up for free. You need to collect Chocolate Strange Coins, which you can earn by participating in the event. There are several ways Guardians go about collecting these coins, but you need to have your Festival of the Lost Mask equipped to grab them.

All of the Masks in Festival of the Lost

When you get all five of the masks, you’re going to receive the Triumph! However, each mask costs a different amount of coins.

  • Hidden Swarm Mask – 10 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Goblin Mask – 20 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Mithrax Mask – 30 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Opulent Calus Mask – 40 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Drifter Mask – 50 Chocolate Strange Coins

Guardians are going to need to acquire 150 coins to collect all of the masks. Get ready to run through the Haunted Forest again and again because you’re going to spend plenty of time in there. Make sure to grab a couple of bounties from Eva every time you do so and make sure to bring a couple of friends. The more branches you clear in the Haunted Forest, the more coins you’re going to receive at the end.

Good luck, Guardians.