Destiny 2: How to Unlock Crown Splitter Sword

Destiny 2 has a lot of items: weapons, armors, engrams etc that you can collect completing the missions with a specific class or hunting down certain enemies that can drop this or that item. A lot of items equal a lot of funny.

In this period, with weekly events and new expansions like Izanami Forge, you can collect a bunch of new items, so there is more fun, right? One of the best items that you can collect is the Crown Splitter Sword: the greatest sword in the game.

Destiny 2 How to Unlock Crown Splitter Sword

What is the Crown Splitter Sword?

The Splitter Crown Sword is a melee weapon with a high power level thanks to its particular design and its range. If you use a lot of melee attack, you need to unlock it as soon as possible because, trust me, it’s awesome.

The Splitter Crown Sword isn’t Exotic (only Legendary) so you haven’t any exotic’s limitations whit this sword equipped. Pretty strong, uh?

There are, obviously, some restriction: the Splitter Crown Sword can be equipped only by a Titan and only a Titan can unlock it.

If you are so bad with this class there is bad news for you, I’m sad. But, if you are good with Titan, this guide can teach you how can you unlock Crown Splitter Sword, are you ready?

How To Unlock Crown Splitter Sword

You need to finish the game in order to unlock this powerful weapon. Yes, another “restriction” for you.

After you complete last mission as Titan you can get the Splitter Crown Sword as a mission’s reward.

You can also get it to drop from Engrams which you can get from the Banshee and The Cryptarch in the Tower, but there is a lot of RNG.