Detroit Become Human – Character Abilities Kara, Connor, and Markus

Kara, Connor, and Markus are the main characters In Detroit Become Human that players take control of. They are the android characters having their own UI, abilities, and storyline. The narratives keep switching back and forth between them. In this Detroit Become Human Characters Guide, we will tell you who Kara, Connor, and Markus are and their abilities.

Detroit Become Human Character Abilities

Characters in Detroit Become Human

In Detroit Become Human you cannot switch between characters at will. The game will jump between characters as missions are completed. The decisions and actions one character takes effects the other two, as the narratives influence others as the story continues.


Detroit Become Human Character Abilities

Kara is a female android who serves as a domestic servant to a taxi-driver named Todd. She suffers abuse at the hands of Todd.

She often sees Williams abusing her daughter and intervenes. Every time she intervenes, she is switched off by Todd and sent back to the factory to wipe her memory and returned back to the house to begin new.

Kara is part of the AX400 line that is designed to look after children and do household tasks. She can speak 300 languages and is compassionate towards children.


Detroit Become Human Character Abilities

Markus is an RK200 model android. He’s a prototype given to a painter named Carl Manfred to take care of him after he had an accident that left him paralyzed. Markus escapes his master and joins some group of deviant androids. He is determined to start an android revolution because of the way they are treated by humans.

Markus conducts missions to free androids from the markets. He targets company’s manufacturing android and frees many of them. He is a revolutionary leader, fighting for equal rights for all the androids.

Markus is one of the three characters that you will be playing and deciding what kind of leader you want him to be.


Detroit Become Human Character Abilities

Connor is the final of the main characters in Detroit Become Human. He is part of the RK800 product line. He is designed to track down deviant androids. He is part of a specialized task force.

He is equipped with a special ability where he can scan an environment to create a scene of a past event. So this helps him to put together a crime scene. He’s an assistant to Detective Hank Anderson.

Connor is generally hated by his co-workers because they hate androids. But is tolerated due to his useful crime-solving tool.

He is more advanced compared to other androids. His precise situational awareness and vivid diction help solve situations well.

That’s all we have about the characters in Detroit: Become Human. Now that know about Kara, Connor, and Markus, why not head over to our Detroit: Become Human Save The Hostage Walkthrough to start the game. You can also read Detroit Become Human Wiki guide for more updates on the game.