Devil May Cry 5 Easter Eggs

For Devil May Crt 5 fans, it’s been a great week of slashing demons and having a blast trying to hit the highest stylish points possible. It’s a short story, though, and it’s an ideal length of time for players to play through it again and again to earn the highest score. However, having played the story so many times, have you had the chance to catch all the little easter eggs the developers left for you to find? Here’s what we were able to see.

Warning, you’re going to find spoilers in this article, so make sure you’ve already played the game once through before reading further.

Devil May Cry 5 Easter Eggs

Banksy’s Art Piece

When Nero is running through the hell-infested Red Grave City, he finds himself in a small courtyard with a fountain in it. Surrounding the fountain are all of these charred people, likely changed from the hellish landscape infecting the city. One of these charred figures is a little girl, holding a red balloon. Banksy created a similar piece back in 2002 and called it There Is Always Hope. It’s a small nod to Nero’s connection to the final part of the game, solving Dante and Vergil’s issues to force them to work together.

Tony Redgrave

Speaking of Red Grave City, the city itself is a reference to Dante’s alias name he used in the Devil May Cry anime and the earlier novels. The alias’ full name was Tony Redgrave. Red Grave City was also Dante’s hometown, so it holds a special place in his heart. If you go to the Devil May Cry 5 gallery, you can read this smaller detail left by the developers.

Nico’s Father

Throughout the Devil May Cry 5 story, Nico consistently mentions her father who she did not care for him. The man was vile, wicked, and did not care for Nico or her mother. Despite these details left throughout the story, players never get a clear answer. Unless they’re willing to dig into the game’s gallery, that is.

In it, Nico sheds a bit more light on the man. She mentions he was from Fortuna and he worked on the Red Queen weapon. Devil May Cry 4 will remember the game’s setting is in Fortuna, and the only person from the game who fits this limited description is the scientist from the game, is Angus. He’s the secondary antagonist in the game and a high ranking officer in the Order of the Sword. Because there’s no definitive answer, players are left to speculate, but many of the details seem to add up quite nicely.

V’s Familiars

Long-time Devil May Cry players will have recognized V’s familiars almost immediately, as they reassemble bosses Dante had to face in the first game. When Dante faces off against them in mission 18, many of the animations they use to attack him are the same, as is the music played in the background.

Dante and Faust Hat

When Dante receives the Faust hat when he meets Nico, he puts it out, and a spotlight shines down on him, prompting him into a dance. This dance set was a direct reference to Michael Jackson, who performed several of these moves while on stage and during his performances. Many of the movements are the same, including the pelvic thrusting.

Finish The Game Early

There’s a secret ending in the first mission for those who have enough patience, or want to play the game on the lowest difficulty to see what it’s all about. When Nero goes to face off Urizen, he doesn’t stand a chance against the demon’s power. This is a fight players are supposed to lose to continue the story. However, with some skill and a little patience, players can fight Urizen like any other boss and eventually beat him. When they do, there’s a brief easter egg showing the credits, and at the end, there’s a picture of a “And they all lived happily ever after,” with all of the triumphant protagonists sitting around Nico’s Devil May Cry van having won the day.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t continue the game, so you do have to lose to continue to see the rest of the story.