Devil May Cry 5 Faust Hat Guide

In Devil May Cry 5 Dante receives a massive arsenal of weapons for him to use in combat. Of the three available characters, he comes with the most diversity, allowing players to find creative ways to mix all of these attacks. One of the better weapons to use to begin any fight is the legendary demon hunter’s new headpiece, the Faust Hat.

Dante’s Faust Hat

How Does it Work?

The Faust Hat is a unique weapon. Dante can only fire it when he has red orbs, as they serve as the gun’s ammunition. However, any enemy he hits with the weapon, they’re going to die with additional red orbs than they usually would. It’s a small investment plan, where if the player uses Dante’s Faust Hat enough, they’re going to receive a better payout. There’s always a risk, though, that a player could not obtain as many if they solely use the weapon to attack or perish before they can collect.

Dante can personally fire off the bullets himself, or there are alternative ways to use this weapon. For instance, he can throw it out towards enemies, dealing damage to them and marking them. This mark increases the number of red orbs they’re going to drop when with a different weapon other than the Faust Hat. However, if Dante gets damaged by an enemy he marked, he loses more red orbs from the blow. You’ll notice these marked enemies by the small Faust Hats on their head. You’ll have to do this from Dante’s Gunslinger stance.

Another method is to surround Dante in protective red orbs. These red orbs are consistently revolving around Dante and damage any enemies that get close. Again, each time a red orb hits an enemy you’re going to lose new currency, so you don’t want it up all of the time.

How Do You Optimize this Weapon?

It’s important to remember you can continue wearing the Faust Hat and not attack with it. It’s a ranged weapon, so Dante can continue to use one of his melee attacks on enemies. Because of this, you’re able to spawn the protective orb aura around Dante and initiate an attack against an enemy. If you pin them against a wall, you’ll hit them with your red orb shield and whatever melee weapon you’re using. You need to watch your red orb count, though.

Are you looking to farm red orbs? The Faust Hat is perfect at this. To do this, you need to be in Dante’s Gunslinger stance. From there, Dante slings out the Faust Hat in a distinctive circle, hitting multiple enemies at once. Plus, any enemy hit gains a small Faust Hat above their head. Continually this over and over again, and you’ll start to see a high number of red orbs going straight into your pocket. The best way to utilize this method is to go into a fight right before a checkpoint that you’re confident you can win in every time. Do the battle, and then go back to the checkpoint. You should have all of the red orbs you acquired, and now you’re able to go and farm even more. You do lose red orbs if you get hit while in this mode, however, because of how many you’re getting you may not notice it.

For those looking to receive the biggest payout while using the Faust Hat, make sure to level it up whenever you can. The higher leveled hat you have, the more red orbs you’re going to receive, but you’re also going to use more with each attack.

The correctly use the Faust Hat, go into each fight having a clear idea of who you’re about to face. It doesn’t take long to see how many red orbs you’re using, and if Dante takes more hits than you predicted you’re likely to lose red orbs than gain them. This is the weapon you want to use at the start of the fight, however, you want to start using your others as soon as you’ve marked all of your enemies. The more you use it means you’re going to have diminishing returns eventually.

Also, keeping the Faust Hat activate ensures Dante is always wearing the hat during any fight, which makes him look great.