Devil May Cry 5: Getting an SSS Rank

Devil May Cry 5 is out, and players eagerly running through the game are going to find out it’s not only tons of fun, there’s plenty of style. Achieving those high levels of style are never easy, though. You have to do more than simply mash the same button over and over again, or use the same combo every time. We’re going to help you achieve the converted SSS rank in Devil May Cry 5, but remember, it’s going to take plenty of practice, and a lot of creativity on your part to make it all come together.

Getting the SSS Rank

Avoid Damage by Jumping

The best way to ensure you keep the highest ranking you have with any character you play in Devil May Cry 5 is to dodge damage. Typically, games encourage you to do this by dodging out the way. In the Devil May Cry series, this is not the case. You want to focus on jumping, not running around.

You have a brief period of invincibility frames at the first start of your jump. Test it out a few times to get a feel of how long those frames last, and when’s the best time to utilize your jump animation. After you get the hang of this, avoiding damage should feel like a cake walk. But you still don’t want to get lazy.

Switch Up Your Combos

Having a set of core attacks in Devil May Cry 5 is good, especially if you can destroy an enemy in a few hits. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get too many stylish points by repeating the same combo over and over again, even if it does work. You need to switch it up and try something new.

Follow up a simple combo by juggling your foe in the air, hit them a few times, use a jump cancel to keep them in the air, and then finish them off by knocking them back to the ground. You need to have a steady stream of fluid combos that keep the variety of your combat up, but don’t keep it the same thing. Each character has a range of abilities at their disposal. Also, find ways to extend your combos. The longer your combo, the more ranks you’re going to gain.

Each Character Works Differently

You need to understand the three different characters and what makes them different. Nero, for example, can get some creative combos with his devil breaker. Dante has numerous weapons at this disposal, and switching between them on a single enemy is a surefire way to amp up your ranks.

Finally, despite V remaining at a distance who can only kill enemies and not damage them, his demonic creatures are excellent to use to keep a combo going while he taunts. V also gains ranks through kills, so a useful way to raise points after taunting the enemy is to chain kills together to have them go down immediately after one another. He’s the trickiest character, so you’re going to practice this delicate balance of making sure the enemies die at roughly the same time.

When you’re using Dante and Nero, unlike V, you have the chance to jump cancel in the air. Jump canceling, the ability called Enemy Step, is when you jump off of an enemy following an attack, which keeps the enemy, and you, up in the air longer. You want to do this right before you land the final blow to send your foe crumbling to the ground, so you’ll need to know the timing of your combos and pick the ideal time to land the Enemy Step.


It’s an easy way to build your ranks, but also a tricky move to master. Every character can use taunt, and it’s a great way to build up your meter in a fight you’d typically only get an “A” in if you solely attacked your demonic foes. For V, it’s an essential move because it’s going to build his Devil Trigger meter, and because he’s watching a fight from afar he can spare a moment to read his poetry.

Following these tips should ensure you achieve the SSS rank in multiple Devil May Cry 5 encounters, pushing your stylish grade even further. If you’re new to the game, here are some additional tips that’ll help you out along the way.