The Division 2: Gear Sets – True Patriot, Ongoing Directive, and Hard Wired

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The first major update for The Division 2 has arrived, and it’s called Tidal Basin. With it comes plenty of new content, such as a new world tier level, a new stronghold to conquer, and additional gear. There are also three new gear sets players can start farming for, each with a unique set of perks to make them stand out in a squad and further complement their playstyle. Here are all of these gear sets broken down, and where you can get them.

The Division 2 New Gear Sets

True Patriot

  • Two Pieces: You’ll do 10 percent additional damage to enemy armor.

  • Three Pieces: You have 10 percent protection against damage done by elites.

  • Four Pieces: You receive 10 percent total armor to your Division agent

  • Five Pieces: Red, White, and Blue buff – Every enemy you hit begins to acquire new debuffs from this gear set. The first enemy gets Red, the second White, and the third Blue. Enemies can have all three debuffs on them.

    • Red debuff: The enemy deals less damage

    • White debuff: Restores ally armor when hitting this enemy

    • Blue debuff: Hitting this enemy lowers skill cooldown timers

  • Six Pieces: When the player hits an enemy with all three of the debuffs, nearby enemies receive 25 percent of the damage you’re dealing to your primary target.

Are you having trouble with a particular enemy in a fight? When you wear this gear set, you’re all about having your team focusing on a specific, strong target you all need to take down. The debuffs ensure your allies stay alive longer, have additional armor, and, even though you’re focusing on one big target, you’re damaging other, smaller, nearby foes.

For those using this gear set, you’re the team’s damage dealer as your primary focus is hitting the most significant target that walks in. You’ll want to stick to the back and provide support however you can.

Ongoing Directive

  • Two Pieces: You receive 20 percent increased weapon handling
  • Three Pieces: You deal 25 percent additional burn damage
  • Four Pieces: You inflict 25 percent additional bleed damage
  • Five Pieces: You receive the Emergency Requisition perk. With it, your character automatically picks up any helpful items, such as armor kits, grenades, and ammo, within a 40-meter radius, every 30 seconds.
  • Six Pieces: You receive The Right Tool perk. With it, whenever you get a kill, one of your other weapons is going to collect elemental ammo.

For those who enjoy using their specialization’s weapon, you’re going to gain more opportunities to acquire the special ammo for it. If you play your cards right, you can rack up the kills with a quick primary weapon, and then pull out a powerful secondary gun that now has a pile of special ammo you picked up from the first set of smaller kills you racked up. You want to optimize on dishing out as many kills as possible and then focus on bigger targets with the particular ammo you pick up.

Hard Wired

  • Two Pieces: You’re going to receive 20 percent skill health
  • Three Pieces: Your shock resistance increases by 20 percent
  • Four Pieces: Your skill power increases by 20 percent
  • Five Pieces: You gain the Tamper Proof perk. With it, all of your skills receive a shock ability that goes off every 10 seconds.
  • Six Pieces: You receive the Feedback Loop perk. With it, any time of your skills causes a kill; it reduces the cooldown timer of your other skill. Also, if you restored an ally’s armor when it was at zero, all of your skill cooldown timers reset. You can only do this every 15 seconds. When a skill finishes cooling down or fully charges, you receive bonus skill and repair effectiveness for 15 seconds.

Whenever your team is in the thick of it, you’re more concerned about running through cover and sending out your skills to provide support; you need the Hard Wired gear set. You’re going to find your skills are far more effective, you can use them more often, and your allies can start up far longer than normally could. You’ll want to choose your two skills wisely, though, to ensure you can provide decent fire support, but also ensure your ally’s armor stays up.

Those who fancy themselves the healer, are going to have a great time with this new gear set.

Where To Farm

To start working on these gear sets, you need to have The Division 2’s World Tier set to 5. To get it that high you need to go through World Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4. You’ll complete various missions, strongholds, and pick up plenty of new gear along the way to increase your Division Agent’s overall power. After you’ve completed the first four world tiers, you’ll have to go through new missions directly related to Tidal Basin and complete the Tidal Basic Invaded Mission. After you’ve done that, World Tier 5 unlocks and you’ll now the opportunity to start killing Black Tusks throughout the world, and farm for these three new gear sets.

These gear sets only unlock when you’ve made your way to World Tier 5.