The Division – All West Side Pier Phone Locations

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In The Division, phone recordings make up one of many different types of collectibles. Aside from the echos, the phone recordings are probably the most interesting of all items to collect, as they truly expand upon the narrative and backstory of what has taken place in New York. We highly suggest that you listen carefully to each of them as you find them. Not only will you appreciate the game more and add to its atmosphere, but you also stand to earn some cool rewards, such as the Shoreline Jacket.

The Division - All West Side Pier Phone Locations
Shoreline JacketGamepurCC BY 4.0 Attribution

Of course, if you already collected all the phone recordings prior to the addition of the 38 new ones, you’ll already have that jacket. So why bother? Well, collecting all West Side Pier phone recordings will unlock the SHD Transmission 2 intelligence item, which is part of the requirements for a super secret mission in the new West Side Pier. For more details on this secret mission, keep an eye on The Division Guide Hub.

The Division - All West Side Pier Phone Locations
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West Side Piers Phone Locations

Now, the reason you’re here. There are 38 total phone recordings to be found in the West Side Pier. You can find them marked on the map below, or check out this very detailed video to see step by step directions to each recording.

As a tip, we suggest setting a waypoint on your map to each phone recording’s location, as it can be helpful in determining the elevation of its location. Many phones are found above or below street level and it can get confusing without this assistance. You should also know that it can be difficult to spend time in the West Side Pier, as spawning mobs of enemies can make your life hell. There is no shame in dropping your World Tier down to 1 to make things easier on you as you collect the recordings.

The Division - All West Side Pier Phone Locations
West Side Pier Audio LogsThe Division Dark ZoneCC BY 4.0 Attribution

Now that you’ve collected all phone recordings, make sure you show off that fancy jacket in game!