DnD’s Planescape Setting Is Introducing Changes For 5E 2024 Rulebooks

Planescape is setting up D&D 5E’s new multiverse in 2024.

Image Via Wizards of the Coast

The Planescape campaign setting has returned to Dungeons & Dragons, and it will serve a bigger purpose than originally realized, as it’s laying out changes that will take place in the upcoming revised D&D 5E rulebooks that are coming in 2024. This means that Planescape 5E is setting the stage for a major shift in how new content is presented going forward.

D&D has its own multiverse, where different campaign settings exist within the same reality. This means that the cast of Baldur’s Gate 3 in the Forgotten Realms is part of the same universe as the Warriors of the Lance from the Dragonlance novels, with many of the same gods sharing dominion over the settings, but in different forms. The Planescape setting is everything in-between these settings, as there are many planes of existence wrapped around the recognizable D&D worlds.

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Planescape & The D&D Multiverse Will Become Important In 2024

Planescape is coming to D&D 5E in the upcoming Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse boxset. A new video on the official Dungeons & Dragons YouTube channel has announced that the Planescape 5E content is setting up a new approach for the 2024 D&D 5E revised rulebooks, as the multiverse will be much more present.

Running Planescape 5E will allow you to explore all of the D&D homeworlds, but what about the rulebooks? The current rulebooks are strongly biased toward using the Forgotten Realms as the default setting, which makes sense as it’s the most popular one among fans. Now that Planescape is back, the multiverse and the rest of the D&D campaign settings will be given more focus.

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse launches on October 19, 2023 (with a digital Early Access release on October 3), so how will it tie into the upcoming rulebooks? It has been revealed that the revised D&D 5E rulebooks in 2024 will be backward compatible with all of the existing 5E rulebooks, so there will be no need for Planescape 5E conversion rules when the new books come out, as it will all still work.

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It’s no surprise that the Forgotten Realms has been given the spotlight for so long, but it has resulted in certain aspects of the game being cemented in fans’ minds, especially regarding the drow elves. If the 2024 rulebooks are giving all of the settings a fair shake, then DMs and players alike will have a lot more to work with when it comes to creating their games and establishing their characters in the multiverse.