Do Levels in Anthem Matter?


In EA’s latest shooter title, Anthem, players earn levels as they progress and complete missions. But BioWare, the game’s developers behind the title, encourage players to team up and play together as they conquer the many challenges of the game. Unfortunately, it’s easy for someone to jump a few levels beyond a friend and get ahead of them.

The big question is, how much do the levels in Anthem matter for groups of friends who want to play together?

Thankfully, a player’s pilot level do not keep players from playing with one another.

How Pilot Levels in Anthem Work

BioWare grounded Anthem by treating it similarly to a Diablo game. If a player wants to run a mission or stronghold over and over again, they can play this as many times as they want. The more times a player replays a mission, the more loot and gear they acquire to make their ideal Javelin more powerful.

But a player’s pilot level only matters in their progression. A player with a higher pilot level will have access to more options and have more Javelin at their disposal. However, when two players want to team up, and one is a lower pilot level, the higher level player does not carry the entire mission. The game catches these small details and adjusts how much damage each player does. Both players will go into the mission and come out having dealt similar levels of damage. The game does this to ensure both players have equal parts in completing a mission, making it fun for everyone involved.

A player at any pilot level can help their new friend who recently purchased the game and doesn’t want to play alone. Don’t expect to play the last few missions with your new friend, though. Players of a lower level do not have access to content they have not unlocked yet in their playthrough. You’ll have to wait until your friend reaches that point in the game, but you can help them get there.

The real important detail is knowing your Javelin’s level.

Javelin Level

Javelin Level

You can find your Javelin’s level in your force. This number changes based on the level and quality of gear you load onto your Javelin. Having a higher level changes the quality of your Javelin, as well. You start at the common level and then work your way up to earn uncommon, rare, epic, masterwork, and you eventually have the chance to achieve a legendary ranking.

Your Javelin level determines how well-equipped you are to handle Anthem’s late game. When you reach pilot level 30 you can adjust the difficulty of your missions to Grandmaster 1, 2, or 3. Each of these new difficulties levels have a recommended Javelin level listed. Make sure you have a Javelin that meets the approved criteria before attempting anything at these harder stages.