Do you lose loot if you disconnect from Minecraft Dungeons?

Is it all gone?

Minecraft Dungeons

While playing any game, disconnections can happen. Sometimes it’s the game, sometimes it is our connection. It can be annoying, but Minecraft Dungeons seems to be quite robust when it comes to dealing with what happens to your loot.

If you disconnect from the game, then any loot that you have collected until that point will still be in your inventory, which is great news. That superb pickage you found? That will still be there waiting for you when you connect again.

Even better, if you disconnect after a quest is over, but before you have a chance to open the end of quest chest that pops up after each and every quest, you will be loaded straight back into the screen and will be able to get that high tier loot.

Unfortunately, any loot that was on the ground when you disconnected and didn’t get a chance to pick up, will be gone when you get back into the game with your friends.

It is a good idea to manage your inventory from time to time while you are playing through a level. Salvage any items that you don’t want to make more room, and avoid being flooded with loot. It’s quick and easy to see which items should be kept, as the Power number on each weapon will be the main driving factor in the early game.

Later on it will become more about what enchantments weapons have, but in the early game it is better to focus on raw power so you can keep pushing the difficulty level up for better rewards.