Does Atomic Heart have an FOV slider?

Can you see more than this?

Image via Mundfish

Shooter fans have gotten used to a standard over their years of gaming. PC games and some console titles that have come out in the last few decades have had an FOV slider that players could tweak to fit their preferences. Atomic Heart is considered to be a shooting game by most standards, though it is a fully single-player experience. Since you will have to battle hundreds of robots left and right that can be revived back into the fight, it would help to see them when they come in for round two. So, does Atomic Heart have an FOV slider for PC and console players? Here is what you’ll need to know.

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Is there an FOV slider in Atomic Heart?

Unfortunately, there is no FOV slider in Atomic Heart. Players will be stuck to this low FOV unless they use external software or edit the game’s files to fix the problem. By the looks of it, Atomic Heart’s FOV is around 80 – at least on the PC version.

This can turn out to be really detrimental in some of the larger battles that Atomic Heart will throw at you. Once you discover the open world of the game, robots will gain the ability to be revived by smaller, maintenance robots. If you are fighting another robot while these maintenance support enemies come, you might not see them due to the FOV.

FOV sliders are not the only problems that the game is facing in the back end, as PC players will also suffer the consequences of mouse acceleration and missing ray tracing options. Mouse acceleration is forced and there is no way to turn it off. This means that, more often than not, you will miss your shots for those players not used to this setting.