Can you enable ray tracing in Atomic Heart?

Killer robots in all their graphical glory.

Image via Mundfish

When Atomic Hearts was first announced, developer Mundfish confirmed ray tracing support for the game’s PC version to be available at launch. Now that the game has been launched, players are having trouble enabling this particular feature, which has led to many players questioning whether they can actually use ray tracing visual enhancement in Atomic Heart. Here’s what we know about ray tracing support in Atomic Heart PC and console versions, and can you toggle it?

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How to enable ray tracing in Atomic Heart

Unfortunately, you can’t currently enable ray tracing in Atomic Heart as the visual enhancement feature is yet to be integrated into the game. After a thorough search through the available display options on PC, there is presently no sign of the aforementioned graphical improvement setting.

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Mundfish had initially unveiled the promise of ray tracing support in a January 2021 Nvidia trailer, which displayed glimpses of the game’s world and design in all its high graphical glory. After giving viewers an early sneak peek into how it would look with ray tracing enabled, players are predictably confused at its exclusion as the developers made it seem like this would be an aspect that would immediately be included upon Atomic Heart’s launch.

Atomic Heart’s aesthetically pleasing design also happens to be one of the main attributes that critics have constantly praised. Hence, the omission of this key VFX setting on PC is a major surprise. Its absence is yet to be officially acknowledged by the developers, so it’s currently unknown when Mundfish plans on adding it to the game’s display options.