Does Atomic Heart on PS4 have a PS5 upgrade? Answered

Well, that’s a shocker.

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Atomic Heart has jolted onto the scene to scratch the itch left in the absence of the Bioshock franchise. The game takes place in an alternate era of Soviet Russia in 1955 and follows similar gameplay beats to the Bioshock trilogy. Players are encouraged to engage enemies with firearms while also sporting a glove that can launch unique and surreal abilities at the robotic enemies that make up this world. With the game releasing on the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, some fans are wondering if there is an upgrade to the latest generation of hardware should they ever need it.

How to free upgrade Atomic Heart from PS4 to PS5

The answer is positive here, as Atomic Heart does have a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5. Players who purchase the game on PlayStation 4 can get the PlayStation 5 digital version at no extra cost and do not need to repurchase it on the upgraded system. If you purchase the physical copy for PS4, you will need to insert the disc into your PlayStation 5 to upgrade and also for every time you want to play it after upgrading.

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However, the scenario is quite different for those who own the Digital Edition disc-free version of PlayStation 5. These players will not be able to get the PS5 version at no extra cost and will need to purchase Atomic Heart again on the PlayStation 5 if they want to play the current generation’s version of the game.

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Atomic Heart has received generally favorable reviews since its launch, though it has received some criticism in dealing with controversies over the developer’s ties to Russia.