Does Castle Crashers have cross platform play? Answered

Can you crash castles across different platforms?

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Castle Crashers is a 2D side-scrolling, hack-and-slash adventure game developed by the indie game studio, The Behemoth. Since its first inception in 2008, this whimsical tale of heroism has since been remastered and brought to modern-day consoles. Across all versions, its story and art style has also been consistently praised by critics and casual players alike.

Although Castle Crashers’ story mode can be played in single-player mode, the game’s multiplayer feature has people consistently coming back for more. Its hilarious gameplay and well-written storyline only become more amplified when you enjoy it with other people. However, with the game presently available on various platforms, would you still be able to play it with friends on different systems?

Is Castle Crashers cross platform/crossplay?

Unfortunately, Castle Crashers does not currently have cross platform play integrated into any game version. Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation users are each limited to playing with others in their own community, so if you want to experience crashing castles and saving princesses with a group, you’ll have to join others playing on the same system. Even though the game’s Steam page has it listed as a cross platform multiplayer, this only refers to its capability of a co-op mode between Mac and PC users.

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Developer The Behemoth has also stated that they have no plans to bring cross-platform play into the game. Making the feature mentioned above available is a costly and time-consuming process, and with Castle Crashers nearly approaching its 15th year of release, it’s understandable why crossplay inclusion is not a priority for an indie studio like The Behemoth.

A significantly large player base is also a requirement for crossplay integration, but the game’s current niche nature certainly doesn’t justify its addition.