Does Elder Scrolls Online support cross-platform play?

Can I quest with my friends?

Fans of The Elder Scrolls Online have been looking toward the possibility of crossplay ever since the game’s first release in 2014. The game is available for both the previous and new generations of the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, PC, Mac, and even Stadia. With all of these different platforms, it should be a possibility to crossplay, right?

At this time, there is unfortunately no way to play with your friends across platforms. Each different platform has its own native server, so the idea of running into a player on a different system is all but impossible.

However, there is a form of crossplay that exists with the Stadia version. The servers that Google Stadia users play on are the same servers that PC users play on. So, technically, Stadia players crossplay with PC. 

Aside from the PC-Stadia crossplay, it does not seem that this feature will be utilized by the console editions anytime soon. Bethesda and the game’s developer, ZeniMax, have been all but silent on the issue of crossplay, remaining instead more focused on the continued release of in-game expansions.